Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ash - Shining Light

One of those bands that just never caught a break here in the USA. Check out some of their new stuff on the A-Z series www.ashofficial.com


  1. Did you know that you introduced them to me when you were living at my apartment? You would set your mattress against the wall and I would gently toss my cat at the mattress and she would stick like velcro! Those were good ol' days...*sigh* This is the first time I've seen the video, and I do like this song. Does the bass player still play with a missing string?

  2. you are definitly right when you say those were the good ol' days. I can't believe you guys let my crash at your place for that long - I still owe you for that. As for Ash I was always jealous you bought that greatest hits album Cosmic Debris/Intergalactic Sonic 7 or whatever it is called.