Thursday, May 6, 2010

Passion Pit - Little Secrets

What can I say......... I love Passion Pit and Little Secrets opens this album up with a BOOM. A fantastic album that I can listen to over and over and makes a 40 minutes bus ride something to look forward too. Sorry I couldn't find a video on youtube of the song but here is the song anyways.


  1. I love the Manners album! I think that album was in our Jeep for 5-6 weeks! Sheesh! I was able to download some remix of The Reeling before the album came out and was hooked, but when I got the album I went head over heals on the Eyes as Candles song. This is an awesom song and the album is great stuff! Whenever I hear this song I feel that his emotions are displaced into the atmosphere and I can grab the atoms that are floating...I don't know why I feel that way...weird, I know.... Great stuff!

  2. I always want to eat skittles when I hear this album. Olive likes it as well I will turn it up loud and she goes crazy.