Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running

This is from the BBC Radio 2 Session. Neon Bible album blew me away, I love every song on that album but this song "Keep The Car Running" has to be my personal fav. My little brother is living in Montreal and it turns out Arcade Fire are from Montreal and played a free show last night. I called him to tell him to go but I know he probably didn't. I actually put this album up close to the category of Radiohead's The Bends - and that album is untouchable.

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  1. I love Arcade Fire! I'm hoping your brother took your advice and went to the show because seeing them would be a momentous occasion in anyone's life. Well, I guess that is a grandiose statement, but the Arcade Fire is an excellent band. I found a cover of this song by the Foo Fighters a while ago, which wasn't too bad.