Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Crookes - Backseat Lovers

Not sure how I missed the boat on these guys. Fantastic song I am loving it.
The band formed in 2008, naming themselves after the suburb Crookes in Sheffield where the guitarists Alex Saunders and Daniel Hopewell met before later recruiting George Waite on vocals and Russell Bates on drums.

NME Magazine has championed the band, describing how “a band this good are unlikely to remain obscure for long. 'Backseat Lovers' comes from Dreams of Another Day album.

"They are kings of romance (an important part of the New Pop brewing around the UK)... There is something almost subversive about their odd mix of influences (The Smiths/’60s girl groups/’50s rock and roll)... It’s the romance of the Seine, of walking in the Peaks; or lying on your back reading and daydreaming."
Steve Lamacq

Also found a free download of 'Yes, Yes we're magicians'

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