Monday, January 31, 2011

Esben and the Witch - Warpath

Warpath MP3

Marching Song MP3

Esben and the Witch debut album 'Violet Cries' is released in the USA February 8th, 2011 via Matador Records. When listening too Esben and the Witch you get the feeling of something evil but at the same time you get the feeling of something good. Almost like : Good + Evil = Great.

Here is what NME has to say about Violet Cries,
"Disregard what you’ve heard, then, about Brighton trio Esben And The Witch being the UK’s newest vault creatures – because, crucially, they’re gothic rather than goth, and possessed of a much more beguiling aesthetic. To immerse yourself in ‘Violet Cries’ is more akin to entering a Ye Olde English fairy tale than some trashy vampire fiction, like discovering a weighty, weathered tome that lies under several thick inches of dust and recounts a distant age.

On opening track ‘Argyria’, for example (about the condition that causes the skin to take on a bluish hue after exposure to silver) singer Rachel Davies mutates into an eerie group of disembodied spirits and “metallic voices, gleaming white and breeding light”, while on ‘Light Streams’ she vows to “hunt the one that burnt out the beacon” in a voice that wavers from stern to histrionic."

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