Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Energy - Hope Child


Rolled across this song and thought it was pretty decent for a free song - come to find out this band is from Philly to top things off. So since my Eagles are one and done in the playoffs at least something from Philly will move on for another week. Here is what Scott Wells (guitarist) says about his bands music....
Here comes America’s new folk music. “I don’t know what else is,” says Scott Wells, the quintet’s guitarist. “I think our national folk music is different types of pop music and probably the most perennially successful [pop] music is classic rock. It’s something everyone has in common. Even if you don’t like the music, you know it.”

Here is the track listing for Free Energy's debut album 'Stuck on Nothing'

1 Free Energy
2 Dream City
3 Bang Pop
4 All I Know
5 Bad Stuff
6 Dark Trance
7 Young Hearts
8 Light Love
9 Hope Child
10 Wild Wind

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