Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mumford and Songs - Little Lion Man

Little Lion Man MP3

One of the big risers in the music scene over the past couple of years. You have to feel it is Mumford and Sons unique and more original sound that makes them stand out and is getting people excited about them. Little Lion Man comes from 'Sigh No More' which has received an unlimited amount of praise from the music world. The kind of music that when listened too could really change you. If you haven't had a chance to listen and check oiut Mumford and Sons there is no better time.

Here is another free download White Blank Page

Also Prettymuchamazing has Winter Winds as a free download as well.

Once again this is just quality music and Mumford and Sons are truly one of those special bands that only come around once every 10 or so years. Enjoy all the free downloads and do yourself a favour go out and purchase Sigh No More and better yet go purchase 2 copies and share one with a friend and spread the word about the great music.

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