Friday, January 7, 2011

Tennis - Marathon


Here is another nice and pretty tune.
Found the free download over at and here is a little write up at what they had to say about Tennis

"Aside from a great band name, Denver’s Tennis have one of the best, most legendary origin stories I’ve ever heard – a husband and wife team who decided to write music together after spending six months on a duo boat voyage and finding any other way of communicating their experience ineffective, Tennis make that kind of music that’s trendy because it’s so timeless. Singer and keyboardist Alaina Moore’s voice has that endlessly sweet, girl group quality, especially apparent on songs like “Marathon,” rightfully the band’s biggest blog hit, where it’s put front and center over clap ‘n snap percussion; her husband Patrick Riley’s simple, sunny guitar work is in that echoey, reverb-y style that recalls Grizzly Bear or the Walkmen."

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