Monday, February 28, 2011

The Strokes - Angels Album Preview

So here is a chance to listen to all the new songs from Angles before its release. Well only 30 second clips but still cool to listen too. Angles is out March 22nd.

Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome

Everything Everything are somewhat of a genre confussed band from Manchester, UK and could maybe be categorized under the indie rock group. Here is a clip from their website describing their type of music... "Imagine a band who fuse three part harmonies with scalding post-punk guitars; floor-filling bass lines with syncopated rhythms and lyrics about everything from high-school massacres to R&B lotharios musing on their lot in a post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Not easy, is it? But then Everything Everything (Jonathan: guitar/vocals, Jeremy: bass, Mike: drums, Alex: guitar) aren't here to make life easy. They're here to challenge every knee-jerk convention of indie rock and dance on the grave of pointless retrogression

"We've never been comfortable with the indie tag" explains Jeremy."

The Debut album is available now via itunes in the USA and has been available overseas for a year plus now. Definitly worth a listen.

Man Alive Tracklisting:
1. My Kz, Ur Bf
2. Qwerty Finger
3. Schoolin'
4. Leave The Engine Room
5. Final Form
6. Photoshop Handsome
7. Two for Nero
8. Suffragette Suffragette
9. Come Alive Diana
10. NASA Is On Your Side
11. Tin (The Manhole)
12. Weights
13. Hiawatha Doomed (Bonus Track)

Wilder - Skyful Of Rainbows

Check out their myspace page for band info and you can also join their mailing list here and grab a free download of Skyful Of Rainbows. Wilder are another up and coming young UK band that could start making some more splashes in the music scene here soon.

Here is some additional bio info taken from their myspace page.
Sam (vox and guitar) and we are Wilder, named after 40s film noir legend Billy Wilder and a weird bot from the original 80s Transformers cartoon.

Think Friendly Fires, The Whip, The Rapture, The Gossip, the digital itch of Boy 8 Bit, new wave Talking Heads, some Neu! Kraut-groove, Captain Beefheart, the Velvet Underground, Little Richard, 50's R&R and some foxy old art-school era Roxy Music. At least thats what people tell us.

We've toured with The Strokes’ singer Julian Casablancas and played shows with the Maccabees and I Blame Coco. And that’s the story so far.

WILDER are awake whilst you're sleeping up to no good:

Here is another tune Girl vs Boys from Wilder
Wilder - Girls VS Boys by Made from Plastic

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Heartbreaks - Liar, My Dear

Here is some info I found on the band over at
"The Heartbreaks are all about finding poetry in the bleakest of situations. Born and brought up in Morecambe, the four best friends bonded over what they liked (Motown records, Mod fashions, the seaside). Forming The Heartbreaks last year, the four members immediately relocated to Manchester with the intention of forming a band that could actually mean something to people, a band to inspire devotion. Happy to wear their hearts and intellect on their sleeves, The Heartbreaks trade in beautifully skewed melancholy. Young (19 to 20 yrs), cool and extremely talented, the band have in their short time together created one of the most talked about bands in Manchester and are now set to take their songs to a national and international audience."

Sounds like it is time to get on this hype train.

Here is some further listening
The Heartbreaks 2010 by The Heartbreaks

The Avett Brothers - Paranoia in B Flat Major

Paranoia in B Flat Major MP3

Sign up and join The Avett Brothers mailing list and you get a free download of Paranoia in B Flat Major in return.

The Dodos - Don't Stop

No Color is out March 15th va Frenchkiss Records. Should be a good one, but in the meantime enjoy the free download of Don't Stop off of the record.
The Dodos - 'No Color' Tracklist:

1. Black Night
2. Going Under
3. Good
4. Sleep
5. Don’t Try And Hide It
6. When Will You Go
7. Hunting Season
8. Companions
9. Don’t Stop

The Dodos - Dont Stop by Ragged Words

Stornoway - Zorbing

"Zorbing", the debut single from Oxford band, Stornoway. Pretty good sounding to me, another nice find, and a hidden gem I suppose.

Stornoway - Zorbing by underhisempire2

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - 40 Day Dream

40 Day Dream MP3

Check out the Vimeo link
"40 Day Dream is the third installment of SALVO!, a 12-part music video series from Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. 40 Day Dream finds Edward and Brother hiding out in the desert after their violent jail-break. Jade, having received a telepathic message from Brother, brings them to meet the rest of the Magnetic Zeros. Edward is welcomed by his new family and his troubles are briefly lifted by a healing vision of togetherness. After a night of revelry, Edward is awakened by Angel."

Edward Sharpe: Alex Ebert
Angel: Lisa Richards
Brother: Orpheo McCord
Jade: Jade Castrinos
Guard: Tay Stratharin
The Magnetic Zeros: Nico Aglietti, Stewart Cole, Aaron Embry, Aaron Older, Josh Collazo, Nora Kirkpatrick, Christain Letts, Tyler James, Chris Richard, Benjamin Kutsko

It is pretty hard not to be impressed by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, their music and everything else they touch is as fine an Art that you can find. The whole package with 40 Day Dream has everything - the film, the images, and the music.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - 40 Day Dream from Edward Sharpe on Vimeo.

Matthew Good - Lights of Endangered Species

Ok here we go - some new Matthew Good due out in the spring. Title of the album is 'Lights of Endangered Species'. The album title "Cold Harbor" was originally embedded in several of the MP3s encoded by Matthew himself.
This album will likely be Matthew Good's last full length album. It was recorded October 2010 with Warne Livesey as producer. Mixing began on November 29th that same year.

This album will be Good's fourteenth release with Universal Music and second release after re-signing with them.

Matthew Good has always won me over with his music. I think the guy is genious and he is one of those hidden gems stuck up in Canada. Ask anyone in the USA if they know about Matt Good and most of the time it is nope. But when you do hear of someone that knows of Matt Good not only do they know of him but they love his music. This is another great release to look forward to in 2011. Update: Lights of Endangered Species will be released May 31st.

Lights of Endangered Species Track Listing

1. Extraordinary Fades
2. How It Goes
3. Shallow's Low
4. What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred
5. Zero Orchestra
6. Non Populus
7. In A Place Of Lesser Men
8. Set Me On Fire
9. Lights Of Endangered Species

Here is a new Demo that won't be on the album titled 'Darling'

Matthew Good - Die Like Kings (DEMO)

Matthew Good - Hornets (DEMO)

Thom Yorke - Skirting On The Surface

Here is Skirting On the Surface from the Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 10/05/09. This is another potential song that could find its way onto The King of Limbs Part 2 (Yep there will be some more songs coming for TKOL).

Frankie and The Heartstrings - Hunger

Frankie and the Heartstrings supported Florence and the Machine in December 2009 on tour at the Brixton Academy. They are 5-piece band from the United Kingdom. Hunger is their first single and it was released at the start of 2010. Their debut album Hunger was just released this week in the UK. Not sure when it will be available State Side, it may have to be one of those imports you have to purchase.

Here is the Track Listing for Hunger
1 Photograph
2 Ungrateful
3 Hunger
4 Possibilities
5 Fragile
6 Tender
7 That Postcard
8 It's Obvious
9 Want You Back
10 Don't Look Surprised

According to Songfacts, the song title and lyrics of ‘Hunger’ pay homage to the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun’s 1890 semiautobiographical novel Hunger, which describes a young writer’s descent into near madness as a result of famine, poverty and homelessness.

Here is a nice little review write up from the BBC

Friday, February 25, 2011

Glasvegas - Euphoria, Take My Hand VIDEO

New Glasvegas video for Euphoria, Take My Hand. Pretty cool stuff getting me super excited for the bands release of EUPHORIC HEARTBREAK on April 4th, 2011 via Columbia Records. Next to Radiohead and The Strokes releases I think this one has to be next in line for me as one of the most anticipated albums of 2011.

01. Pain Pain, Never Again
02. The World Is Yours
03. You
04. Shine Like Stars
05. Whatever Hurts You Through The Night
06. Stronger Than Dirt (homosexuality pt.2)
07. Dream Dream Dreaming
08. I Feel Wrong (homosexuality pt.1)
09. Euphoria, Take My Hand
10. Lots Sometimes
11. Change

The Sounds - Something to Die For

TRACK LIST – Something To Die For

“It’s So Easy”
“Dance With The Devil”
“The No No Song”
“Better Off Dead”
“Something To Die For”
“Yeah Yeah Yeah”
“Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart”
“The Best Of Me”
“Wish You Were Here

Album is out March 29th

Something To Die For - The Sounds by shiftdcdotnet2

Sloan - Follow The Leader

Sloan have been around for 20+ years now and they will be releasing their 10th album 'The Double Cross' aka XX (20 Years). Follow The Leader is the first single and opens up the album. The Double Cross is out May 10th via Yep Roc Records.

The Double Cross Track Listing

01 “Follow the Leader”
02 “The Answer Was You”
03 “Unkind”
04 “Shadow of Love”
05 “She’s Slowing Down Again”
06 “Green Gardens, Cold Montreal”
07 “It’s Plain to See”
08 “Your Daddy Will Do”
09 “I’ve Gotta Know”
10 “Beverly Terrace”
11 “Traces”
12 “Laying So Low”

Sloan - Follow The Leader by Outside-Music

Flying Lotus - Caravan of Delight

Caravan Of Delight - Original Mix- Flying Lotus by DIETER2

Thom Yorke - Open The Floodgates

"Open The Floodgates" New song, first time performed live
Thom Yorke with Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, and Mauro Refosco
October 2, 2009 at The Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA. TKOL2??? You never know.

Wavves - Horse Shoes & TV Luv Song

Here are a couple of free tracks from Wavves that have hit the web the past couple of weeks.

WAVVES - Horse Shoes by thisisfakediy

Wavves - TV Luv Song by Ragged Words

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Biffy Clyro

So who the heck are these guys and why are they playing small bars and getting no credit in the USA? They just won the best live band last night at the Shockwaves so I decided to check out some of their stuff. Turns out these guys have been around for awhile, I was very surprised to see that. They started playing in the late 90's, and are from Glasgow, Scotland. The band is made up of Simon Neil (Vocals, Guitar), James Johnston (Bass) and Ben Johnston (drums). They play an agressive style of rock/pop tunes, and they idolize the band Weezer.

They have five studio albums released (and numerous other EP's and singles)
Blackened Sky (2002)
The Vertigo of Bliss (2003)
Infinity Land (2004)
Puzzle (2007)
Only Revolutions (2009)

Here are few songs to check out.

Mountains by Biffy Clyro

The Captain
The Captain by Biffy Clyro

Bubbles by Biffy Clyro

Glitter and Trauma


TV on The Radio - Will Do

TV on The Radio - Will Do MP3

New tune from TV on the Radio - 'Will Do' from the new album Nine Types of Light which is set to release April 12th, 2011. These guys always put out quality records and with the sound of Will Do - you have to think Nine Types of Light is no different.

TV On The Radio - Will Do by TheTop22

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream MP3

James Blake here he is - everyone's new favourite artist of 2011. Well he is alright nothing that I think will change my life. I do like the crazy new sounds that he brings to his music. He is definitly not afraid to push the music boundaries and to make something unique and stand out at what he does. It is what it is.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs Part 2

The King of Limbs Part 2, The King of Limbs Part II, The King of Limbs 2, The King of Limbs II, TKOL2, TKOLII - name it whatever you would like but is it real? - You have to think it is a possibility with all the insights and theories connected to it.
***Ok this is just a fun post about the possibilities that Radiohead have split The King of Limbs into a 2 part series***

I am one of those firm believers who think this is only half the album and that there are another 7 songs left (hence Separator which is the last song and song 8 - which would separate the first 7 songs from the last 7 songs). “If you think this is over Then you’re wrong” Can they really be any more clear here? just posted something simalar with these speculations...
"There's an Internet rumor floating around that claims that the band's recent King of Limbs album is actually the first half of a double LP. The proof that this is the case is this:

1. The last song on the album is called "Separator." Which obviously means that there is another song/album.

2. The orders for the album were labeled TKOL1 in pre-orders.

3. The whole band is hardly featured, as Jonny Greenwood specifically can hardly be heard here.

4. And the band has released second parts to two albums (Kid A had Amnesiac, In Rainbows had a second disc when it came out in stores)."

Some of the points I agree with here are the obvious last song "Separator" (which was once title 'Mouse Dog Bird'), and how it really is the divider of the two parts of The King of Limbs. I know the Mouse Dog Bird version is not exactly the same as the Separator version but still changing the name makes you think just a little bit more.

The part that the orders for the album were labeled TKOL1 with the pre-orders is also a pretty solid piece of evidence to go off of as well. When the Japan site said there were going to be 8 songs included on the album - everyone questioned that as well - and it turned out to be true. Further on this point - charging $48 for the first ever newspaper album and it only includes 8 songs....hmmmmm this seems a little off to me. Also just the MP3 version for $9 seems like a strange amount for 8 songs, why not just $8 for the 8 songs? After all their last album In Rainbows was a pay what you want album, and it could have been had for free.

Also there’s the physical edition of ‘The King Of Limbs’ and it comes with two 10” vinyl records. Why two vinyl records for only 8 songs and 37 minutes of music? So maybe there really is a TKOL2 just waiting to be released for all of us fans to download.

The next point about Jonny Greenwood and the rest of the band being hardly at all featured is a valid one as well. TKOL has more of a Thom Yorke solo album (much like The Eraser). Surely there has to be more material that showcases more of the bands talents.

Then there is the fact that Kid A and In Rainbows both had second parts added to albums with Amnesiac and a 2nd disc to In Rainbows. Interesting points made at NME here "When ‘Kid A’ came out, no-one knew that a second album from those same sessions - ‘Amnesiac’ - was finished and ready to go. It’s been four years since ‘In Rainbows’. Do we really think these eight, almost guitar-free, tracks are all Radiohead have to show for it?"

Some additional thoughts I have had about the idea of a second part to The King of Limbs is that they used 4 unrecorded songs that have been already heard (Morning Mr Magpie, Lotus Flower, Give Up The Ghost, and Separator (aka Mouse Dog Bird). The fact is they had a bunch of other stuff out there that they could have also recorded in the studio to go along with these such as The Daily Mail, Super Collider, The Present Tense, Skirting on The Surface, These are My Twisted Words, Open the Floodgates, and oldies Big Boots and True Love Waits. The fact is there is alot of material sitting out there without any studio release. I have to think that 3 or 4 of these additional songs would be on a Part II of The King of Limbs.

I took a recent poll the week leading up to the new release of TKOL's about what song fans wanted on the new album. It only ran for 3 days but had 108 votes (they could vote for more than 1 song), just for fun here are the results.
The King of Limbs - What Song do You Want On It?
35% The Present Tense
33% Lotus Flower (TKOL)
27% Give Up The Ghost (TKOL)
25% The Daily Mail
21% All New Material
20% True Love Waits
19% Big Boots
17% Skirting On The Surface
17% Super Collider
15% Mouse Dog Bird (TKOL)
14% Other Song Not Listed (Morning Mr Magpie TKOL)
14% Follow Me Around
14% Open The Floodgates
12% These Are My Twisted Words
12% Burn The Witch
3% Harry Patch

So as you can see there are some pretty heavy hitters that still haven't found it on to any Radiohead records just yet. The Present Tense, The Daily Mail, Super Collider, and Skirting On The Surface would be likely candidates to make it on to The King of Limbs Part 2.

Another thought I had in regards to TKOL2 is the way Radiohead advertised and marketed the release of this album. Valentine's morning they just post on their site "Hey we have a new album and it comes out Saturday" also this is going to be the worlds first 'Newspaper' album. Do you know how quickly word of mouth spread on that release. It seemed like the music world stopped for a week and only talked about Radiohead's new album (well I know that is true for me). Next on the lines of marketing they happen to post on the Japan site that the album is 8 songs and release no track listing for it. Fans continue to go crazy and build hype and buzz for the album. Then on top of all of that they release the album a day early on Friday instead of the scheduled Saturday.

They did a beautiful job of hyping this album, and they did it in less then a week. I have to think there is going to be a few more surprises when it comes to the official physical release on May 9th. Think about that, that is still 2 1/2 months away, no way they just sit there and let fans wait for 2 1/2 months with nothing more.

What Radiohead have done so far with the release of The King of Limbs is get the music fan back. It is a dying music industry and it really needed someone to step up and to fix things. I am not sure if Radiohead fixed things just yet but one thing is for sure they made anticipating an albums release the most exciting thing ever for a week. If they can continue to give us that little kid excitment feel for the next 2+ months they may just change how we perceive, purchase, and listen to music altogether.
So don't be surprised if our good friend 'Radiohead' have a few more twists, turns and surprises before May 9th.

Here is another look at some of the other unreleased tracks that could be featured on a second disk of The King of Limbs.
Radiohead - The King of Limbs: Album Preview Mix by One Thirty BPM

The Kooks - Young Folks

The Kooks - Young Folks by Roblrock Sandia

Say what you want about The Kooks and all of their Cover songs they throw out there - I think this one is decent. Good cover of Peter Bjorn and John 'Young Folks'. Also use the download button below and pick up the free tune.

Radiohead - Follow Me Around

This snippet comes from MPIE. Pretty nice tune I would love a studio version of this. So I am going to go ahead and say it. There is going to be a second part to The King of Limbs.

Cults - Go Outside

Cults - Go Outside MP3

Cults are on everyone's list of bands to know and checkout for the past couple of years. I am sure their day is coming where they will officially make their big splash into the music pool. For now you can just check them out over at bandcamp and take a listen to Go Outside, Most Wanted, and The Curse.

Cults are a duo of Brain Oblivion and Madeline Follin from SD, California. They have more of an older days feel to what I have heard so far. Go Outside is really a nice fresh sound, and could be just a start to what is to come from Cults.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thom Yorke - The Clock

Thom Yorke's acoustic performance on The Henry Rollins Show of "The Clock" from his album The Eraser. Pretty awesome acoustic version here, the man is a music god.

The Belle Brigade - Sweet Louise

Belle Brigade - Sweet Louise MP3

Here is the info they post about themselves over on facebook... "Barbara and Ethan met when Ethan was born. They knew they were brother and sister but they did not know that 19 years in the future they would form a band."

The track-listing for The Belle Brigade is as follows:
1 Sweet Louise
2 Where Not To Look For Freedom
3 Losers
4 Belt of Orion
5 Shirt
6 Lucky Guy
7 Lonely Lonely
8 Punch Line
9 Rusted Wheel
10My Goodness
11Fasten You To Me

Sweet Louise by The Belle Brigade

Here are some videos from Youtube to get to know the band a little bit more.

The Belle Brigade - Losers

Side A: "Losers"
from The Belle Brigade "Losers" 7" Vinyl.
The full self-titled albums is released April 19th, 2011 via the Reprise label.

The Kooks - Princess Of My Mind

Luke Pritcard lead singer of The Kooks performs 'Princess Of My Mind'. This could be on the upcoming album we will have to wait and see, not sure when the official release of the album is set. But this is what I read on their facebook page... "Album number 3 is currently nearing completion and soon to be winging its way to their ever faithful and growing legions of fans". So I would guess in the next few months we will be seeing album #3. Should be a good one, and just in January 2011, Luke Pritchard announced that they had recorded fourteen new tracks.

The Kooks - Cover Songs - 'Sweet Jane' & 'Beast of Burden'

Here are The Kooks doing a rocking version of one of my all time favourite groups - The Velvet Underground's 'Sweet Jane'. Also mixed in there is The Stones 'Beast of Burden'. Pretty Awesome Stuff if you ask me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

FPT's Top 40 Songs of 2010

1 - Foals - Spanish Sahara
2 - Egyptian Hip Hop - Rad Pitt
3 - Arcade Fire - Half Light II (No Celebration)
4 - The National - Terrible Love
5 - Morning Benders - Excuses
6 - The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire
7 - Beach House - Norway
8 - These New Puritans - Hologram
9 - The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
10 - Fang Island - Daisy
11 - Arcade Fire - Ready To Start
12 - Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
13 - Cut Copy - Where I'm Going
14 - Beach Fossils - Youth
15 - The Tallest Man On Earth - You're Going Back
16 - Delorean - Real Love
17 - Stars - Fixed
18 - The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
19 - Jonsi - Go Do
20 - Vampire Weekend - Horchata
21 - Broken Bells - The High Road
22 - Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes
23 - Air Waves - Knock Out
24 - Beach House - Zebra
25 - Wild Nothing - Chinatown
26 - Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
27 - Harlem - Friendly Ghost
28 - Shout Out Louds - Fall Hard
29 - Broken Social Scene - All to All
30 - Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up (Boots of Danger)
31 - Summer Camp - Ghost Train
32 - Yeasayer - Ambling Alp
33 - The Black Keys - Next Girl
34 - Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith - Not In Love
35 - Local Natives - Wide Eyes
36 - Best Coast - Boy Friend
37 - Glasser - Home
38 - Flying Lotus feat. Thom Yorke - ...And The World Laughs With You
39 - Warpaint - Undertow
40 - Klaxons - Echoes

So yeah it is a couple of months late on the top songs of 2010 but hey better late then never eh! 2010 was a decent year in the world of music but I suspect 2011 to be much better. In the first 2 months of 2011 I can already notice some standouts and with all the great lineup of releases it is sure to be a booming year in music. But as 2010 goes there was some strong releases, I really enjoyed the Arcade Fire, The National, Beach House, and The Radio Dept albums, and thought Rad Pitt was an incredible song along with Spanish Sahara. Feel free to tear this list a part.

Here are my top 3 songs for your listening pleasure
1 - Foals - Spanish Sahara

2 - Egyptian Hip Hop - Rad Pitt

3 - Arcade Fire - Half Light II (No Celebration)

Mumford & Sons - 'Untitled' NEW SONG

Go to to watch the entire 5-song performance, including a brand new, never-before-heard Mumford & Sons song. Mumford & Sons perform a new unititled song in the Clive Davis Theater at the GRAMMY Museum for the KROQ GRAMMY Pre-Party

Yuck - Shook Down

Yuck - Shook Down MP3

Yuck's self-titled debut album was one that I was looking forward too for sometime now. Well it is here and out and ready to purchase and listen to over and over. The song 'Shook Down' is more of a low key chill song. It is hard to know if this song is a depressing one or one that can clear your head and point you in the right direction. Musically there is nothing great and wonderful about this track but somehow it just gets to you and you feel a part of what is going on.

Listen to the whole album here
Yuck - Yuck by Yuck

The Strokes - You're So Right

So we are now 8 days away from hearing the next track "You're So Right" from the new Strokes record 'Angles'. You're So Right will be released as the B-Side track to Under Cover of Darkness on March 1st, 2011. It will only be available on Under Cover of Darkness "7" but don't be surprised to hear it pretty quick after - with fans posting it all over the internet.

Again here is the Tracklisting for 'Angles'
1 Machu Picchu

2 Under Cover of Darkness

3 Two Kinds of Happiness

4 You’re So Right

5 Taken For A Fool

6 Games

7 Call Me Back

8 Gratisfaction
9 Metabolism
10 Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

Young Man - Up So Fast

Some pretty interesting insights on the band here from Frenchkiss bio of Young Man.
Itʼs enough to make you stop and say, “What is that?” It being the gorgeous
melodies and lean, spellbound guitar lines of Colin Caulfield, an English/French
lit major whoʼs about to change what it means to be a shape-shifting singersongwriter
in the YouTube age.
Just ask Bradford Cox. He knows. Why, just a year ago, the Deerhunter frontman
stumbled upon Caulfieldʼs organ-grinding rendition of “Rainwater Cassette
Exchange” and said itʼs “fantastically superior to the original. It actually sent
shivers up my spine, especially during the second verse.”
Believe it or not, that chilling cover was just a warmup session. As killer as he is
at capturing the very essence of everything from Animal Collective to Ariel Pink,
Caulfiedʼs true talent is in telling his own Young Man stories. The first chapter of
which goes by the name Boy, a deceivingly-simple suite of songs about wanting
to grow up without having the slightest idea of what ʻbeing a manʼ actually
Now thatʼs a reason to hit rewind, from the tone-setting tenderness and psychinfused
harmonies of “Five” to the restless rhythms (Caulfield was a drummer
well before he became a singer/guitarist) and room-engulfing intimacy of “Up So
Fast.” Both of which feature some of the most hopeful/haunting choruses youʼll
hear all year.
And thatʼs just the beginning, of course. Since Young Man was conceived as a
concept project about the passing of time, love, and loss, Caulfield already has
two loosely-linked LPs on tap—a faceless collection of fragile characters that
could be any one of us, really.
“A lot of itʼs autobiographical,” explains Caulfield, “but itʼs universal at the same
time, because everyone goes through these things.”
Listen closely. Itʼll all make sense soon enough. Trust us.

Up So Fast is off of the Boy EP which was released via Frenchkiss Records back in Aug, 2010. Tracklist as follows
1 - Five
2 - Hands
3 - Home Alone
4 - Bedtime
5 - Playtime
6 - Just a Growin'
7 - Up So Fast

For a free download of Up So Fast head over to NME.

Music video by Young Man performing Up So Fast. Pretty cool video, I almost like it more then the song.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scars on 45 - Give Me Something

Here is some bio info from their website...
Making music was the furthest thing from Scars on 45 co-founder Danny Bemrose’s mind until the professional soccer player for England’s Huddersfield Town F.C. broke his foot at 21 and his world came crashing down. “I was in limbo, without knowing what to do with myself,” he says. It wasn’t the first time that fate would intervene in the band’s formation.

Danny put down the soccer ball and picked up for his father’s guitar. “I’m quite an obsessive person. I became kind of addicted,” he says. “I used to lock myself away to write songs and record on four-track recorder.”

Those early years led to creation of Scars on 45, a quintet from Leeds, England, that combines the gentle melodic intensity of Snow Patrol or Keane with the added allure of co-ed vocals. Tension, often propelled by drummer Chris Durling’s insistent beat, builds throughout the songs as the emotional ante rises. Hearts are broken and seldom rendered whole again before new wounds pierce through.

Pick up the Give Me Something EP at itunes
The Tracklist is
1 - Give Me Something
2 - The Way That We Are
3 - Loudest Alarm
4 - Don't Say (Acoustic Version)

The Plea - Praise Be

'Praise Be' is a track taken from the forthcoming debut album by The Plea on Planet Function records (an Indie/Rock subdivision of R&S Records). Produced by A-list Engineer/Producer Chris Potter (The Verve, Richard Ashcroft, U2, The Rolling Stones, Blur, Keane), the album is due in Summer 2011.

The Plea are brothers Denny and Dermot Doherty. Denny sings like a cross between a young Bono and A Northern Soul-era Richard Ashcroft. The Plea are from Ireland, and could be in for some good things with the release of their debut album. Be sure to check out Praise Be and get your free download below.

The Plea "Praise Be" by Planet Function

Beady Eye - Four Letter Word

Here is Four Letter Word from the album 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' by Beady Eye. It is a pretty good rocking tune, has a good energy and makes me want more

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Tornado ’87

Every since the first time I heard "Don't Haunt This Place" I was struck by this band and thought they will be something special one day. I really believe 'Departing' is going to be that album that pushes this band up the scale of a band that you must hear now. Bright Eyes are no longer going to be the first thing you think of when you hear Saddle Creek - you are going to struggle between first thinking The Rural Alberta Advantage or Bright Eyes. This is the little Canadian band that could and will. Look for the new record 'Departing' via Saddle Creek records out March 1st, 2011.

Saddle Creek gives a little insight of what to expect from the new album 'Departing.....
"With The Rural Alberta Advantage's new album, the band further refines the exuberant guitar work; everything-on-the-table singing; songwriting full of conviction and detail; and majestic, keyboard-sprinkled arrangements that have won them so many fans. 'Departing' strings together themes of small towns, Canadian fall and winter, break ups, and redemption and serves as a companion piece to their beloved debut album Hometowns. Highlights include the affecting "North Star," the stark regret of "Tornado," and the storming, percussive surge of "Stamp," all of which vividly set the scene."

Departing Track Listing:
1. Two Lovers
2. The Breakup
3. Under the Knife
4. Muscle Relaxants
5. North Star
6. Stamp
7. Tornado '87
8. Barnes' Yard
9. Coldest Days
10. Good Night

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado '87 by ObscureSound

Here are a couple of others from the new album
The Rural Alberta Advantage . North Star . 'Departing' by MDreamers

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars

Higher Than the Stars MP3

Pretty strong track by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Look for them to take off in 2011 with their new album "Belong" coming out. Here are the lyrics to 'Higher Than the Stars'

Sh!t faced, fumbling in a dark place
Drinking in the last days
This street looks just like the next street
bumble f@#k on repeat

This time you should have stopped
But where’s the fun?
The outcome the only friend you ever had
is setting off with a rich son

So sure she was like a brother
Til you dropped another
So sure you kept it under covers
Until you knew you laughter (loved her?)

Now you can’t think straight
Because you’re not straight
in the back of her mother’s car
in the back of her mother’s car
No secret’s too safe and how you can’t stay
In the back of her mother’s car
In the back of her mother’s car
Lyrics Song Words
Now you can’t think straight
Because you’re not straight
in the back of her mother’s car
in the back of her mother’s car
No secret’s too safe
And how you can’t stay
Higher than the stars

Here is the official video of the title track from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart's 2009 EP, "Higher Than the Stars"

Radiohead - Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

This song can be downloaded through radiohead's site for £ 1.00 and all proceeds go to the Royal British Legion.

Further here is the post by Radiohead about the song from
"i am the only one that got through
the others died where ever they fell
it was an ambush
they came up from all sides
give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves
i've seen devils coming up from the ground
i've seen hell upon this earth
the next will be chemical but they will never learn"

Recently the last remaining UK veteran of the 1st world war Harry Patch died at the age of 111.
I had heard a very emotional interview with him a few years ago on the Today program on Radio4.
The way he talked about war had a profound effect on me.
It became the inspiration for a song that we happened to record a few weeks before his death.
It was done live in an abbey. The strings were arranged by Jonny.
I very much hope the song does justice to his memory as the last survivor.

It would be very easy for our generation to forget the true horror of war, without the likes of Harry to remind us.
I hope we do not forget.

As Harry himself said
"Irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims".

Friday, February 18, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs - Album Review

So the day has arrived and a day early to boot. First off thanks to Radiohead for this new album and especially thanks for the day early release. If any of you are like me one day is a real big deal - the anticipation of The King of Limbs release has had me running circles all week long.

I have to admit that I am a huge Radiohead Fanatic and anything I write about the band is pretty much biased, hahaha that being said lets talk about TKOL's.

Here is the tracklisting
1) Bloom 5:14
2) Morning Mr Magpie 4:40
3) Little By Little 4:27
4) Feral 3:12
5) Lotus Flower 5:00
6) Codex 4:46
7) Give Up The Ghost 4:50
8) Separator 5:20

So the 8 song album that everyone was talking about really did come to past (Thank You Japan!). And as far as all new material well it is a 50/50 split. Morning Mr Magpie, Lotus Flower, Give Up The Ghost and Separator (Formily known as Mouse Dog Bird) have all been played in the past either at live shows or via online webcasts. But on TKOL they are fuller versions and you get the full set.

Bloom starts off the album with really a bang and a preview of how the 8 song set will go. Bloom is a fantastic song to open with showcasing that electro feel of the album. TKOL's has somewhat of that Kid A/The Erasure sound that you hear at times. To me it almost feels more of a Thom Yorke album then a Radiohead album, but maybe just slightly. Morning Mr Magpie brings a wicked tempo where you really hear Thom's vocals shine. "You Know You Should But You Don't" is sure to be on repeat in your mind after listening.

Little by Little seems almost like it doesn't fit on this record. Seems to be more of a B-side sound to me but it could be a grower also. Maybe in a months time I will be thinking about it in a whole new light. It does offer more of a modern new sound that shows Radiohead continue to evolve (if that is even possible). The next song on the disk 'Feral' brings a heavy electric vibe with mixed in vocals here and there.

Next comes Lotus Flower which is the lead single off the record which Radiohead have already posted the official video that you can check out here featuring Thom's awesome dance skills. This is a song that Thom has played live in the past and one that alot of people were hoping would find its way on to the album. It is a very strong song and probably the most complete song out of the 8 tunes on TKOL.

Thanks to ObscureSound for this upload of Lotus Flower also you can DL it.
Radiohead - Lotus Flower by ObscureSound

The standout track for me is Codex. Here is my thoughts and opinions on Codex from an earlier post, "WOW that is what I have to say about Codex. It is amazing in every way - one of the most sincere and beautiful Radiohead songs I can remember. After listening to The King of Limbs now 3 times this morning - this song would always seem to bring me in the most. The piano sound is gorgeous and mixed with Thom's incredible vocals it helps create a very engaging and powerful tune."

"I love that they put this song right in the middle of the other two power house tunes from TKOL (Lotus Flower and Give Up The Ghost). Codex is such a chill laid back tune but at the same time it is so powerful and moving. For me this is my clear cut favourite song on The King of Limbs. And man I really wish that 8 songs was more like 12 songs. Great great album nonetheless though and I suspect that when it gets its physical release they will be adding another disk or some more songs."

06 Codex by Trippingili

Give Up The Ghost is next and it is just an awesome awesome song. If I had to describe this song in only 3 words they would be "Beautiful, Spacey, Unreal". This studio release is fuller then what has been played live in the past. The last song on the album is Separator which the mumblings are already coming in that it is the oddest of all closing songs for any Radiohead song. It was formily known as Mouse Dog Bird when played live in the past. I almost think that it is more of a To Be Continued... sort of song. I feel it leaves you hanging there for something a little more then the 8 song total of TKOL. Maybe this is true maybe once the physical release, and Newspaper album are released there will be some additional songs. It is Radiohead so really anything is possible.

The King of Limbs has a constant beat mixed with the perfect flow. The songs connect together giving the album more of a grown up sound that is different again then anything Radiohead has released in the past. The album is full of Electic vibes and beats giving it that futuristic sound that they seem to evolve more and more with each album. I really felt the second half of the album was the strongest with songs 5 to 8 (Lotus Flower, Codex, Give Up The Ghost, Separator). The first 4 songs left me wanting more and the last 4 songs left me REALLY wanting more. The King of Limbs is a rough and tough funky album that at 8 songs the only complaint is I want more.

Radiohead - Codex

WOW that is what I have to say about Codex. It is amazing in every way - one of the most sincere and beautiful Radiohead songs I can remember. After listening to The King of Limbs now 3 times this morning - this song would always seem to bring me in the most. The piano sound is gorgeous and mixed with Thom's incredible vocals it helps create a very engaging and powerful tune.

I love that they put this song right in the middle of the other two power house tunes from TKOL (Lotus Flower and Give Up The Ghost). Codex is such a chill laid back tune but at the same time it is so powerful and moving. For me this is my clear cut favourite song on The King of Limbs. And man I really wish that 8 songs was more like 12 songs. Great great album nonetheless though and I suspect that when it gets its physical release they will be adding another disk or some more songs.


Radiohead - Lotus Flower - Official Video

So the wait is over the album is here! Just like Radiohead to mix things up once again and drop The King of Limbs a day early. Here is the official video for Lotus Flower. I am loving seeing Thom go crazy and do his dance thing. I dont' dance but if I did I would want to do a copy cat version of all the moves in this video. The video is almost the theme for Radiohead - 'We Just Don't Care What People Think' 'we will do whatever we want' It is awesome love the full studio version of the song by the whole band. The direction of TKOL's has more of a Electric feel to it, lots of crazy background sounds mixed with strong vocals and not much going on guitar wise.

Radiohead - The King of Limbs - Now Available

Go pick up the album now at Radiohead's site The guys released this a day early - they truly do love their fans.

Here is the Track List for The King of Limbs
1) Bloom 5:14
2) Morning Mr Magpie 4:40
3) Little By Little 4:27
4) Feral 3:12
5) Lotus Flower 5:00
6) Codex 4:46
7) Give Up The Ghost 4:50
8) Separator 5:20

The Album is 37 minutes long

Check out Lotus Flower video

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Radiohead's Cryptic Japanese Tweet Sparks Speculation

Here is an interesting story reported on Spinner
Radiohead have posted a cryptic message in Japanese on Twitter. As a result, speculation among fans is now rife that the band are set to appear in Tokyo on Friday (Feb. 18) to mark the release of new album 'The King of Limbs'.

According to the NME, the tweet appears to be a location and a time. A rough translation reads "Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday."

The square in question is one of Tokyo's notoriously-congested pedestrian area while the rest of the tweet has been interpreted to mean the time, 6:59PM JST (9:59AM GMT).

So far neither the band nor their representatives have offered any explanation for the mysterious tweet.

As previously reported by Spinner, Radiohead announced on Valentine's Day that they would be releasing their eighth album digitally on Feb. 19 with physical copies available from May 9.

The album has been kept well under wraps, which is no mean feat in a world where online leaks are almost mandatory. Instead the only detail available comes from 'The King of Limbs' official website which described the follow-up to 'In Rainbows' as "the world's first (perhaps) Newspaper Album."

Thom Yorke ft. Andy Yorke - All For The Best

Thom and Andy Yorke have contributed to an album called, "Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy" along with other artists. The album is a compilation for Mark Mulcahy while he is going through some tough times. Can you even imagine having a brother named Thom Yorke -- WOW. Cool that both Thom and Andy got together to record this, great song.
Thom Yorke - All for the best by paranoide

Thom Yorke - Give Up The Ghost

Here is Thom Yorke live at Cambridge performing 'Give Up The Ghost'. It is another possible selection for The King of Limbs album. I am sure it will be all new material but it is fun to speculate.

Radiohead - The Thief

The song 'The Thief' was released in 1982 on Can's album 'Delay' The album features unreleased songs from 1968/1969'. This song almost made it to setlist at the Amnesty International Concert in Paris (december 10th 1998), but was eventually replaced by Street Spirit.

Radiohead played this song on September 8th 2000 in Copenhagen (Denmark) at Valby Hallen as well as August 8th 2002 at the Palacio Congresos in Salamanca, Spain.

The Thief Lyrics
Why must I be the thief?
Why must I be the thief?
Oh Lord please won’t you tell me,
Why must I be the thief.
Why must I be the thief
He said to the hanging man
And how come you’re the only one
That’s black around, that always stares
Why must I be the thief
He asked of the hanging man
And how come you’re the only one
Who lived with an open hand
Now why must I be the thief
You’ve cursed with many clouds
And the hanging man without his hand
Looked beyond his heart
The thief was drawn to the cross
To share that other’s fate
But the Jesus man said “Not now”
“My brother not now, it’s far too late”
(far too late) (7x)

Do what you must
Take what you can
Steal the pride from every heart,
Every angry man (3x)
I am the thief
I am the thief
And you will run
Yes and you will hide
But I’ll get you then
Yes I will
Because of you, because it’s justified.
I will get you yet
Cause it’s justified
I will get you yet
It’s justified
I will get you yet
It’s justified

Radiohead - Big Boots

Here is a cut from the DVD 'Meeting People is Easy' Feat. Big Boots. Probably not likely that this is on The King of Limbs but you never know.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs - Unreleased Songs

Photo taken by Sebastian Edge

Here are the songs on The King of Limbs
1) Bloom 5:14
2) Morning Mr Magpie 4:40
3) Little By Little 4:27
4) Feral 3:12
5) Lotus Flower 5:00
6) Codex 4:46
7) Give Up The Ghost 4:50
8) Separator 5:20

So here are a list of songs you can listen to and download if you please that are all old and unreleased Radiohead songs. Maybe one or two or a few or may none will be on The King of Limbs but hey it is fun to speculate and wonder what might be since we don't have any track list for the new album. Lotus Flower and Super Collider would be my two choices that I would like to see make the album but a part of me just wants all new material and just have that unique listening experience come Saturday.

I know a lot of us would love an official studio versions of both True Love Waits and Big Boots but do you really think that Radiohead would give us some old material for the first ever "Newspaper" album? I doubt it I am thinking this has to be a fresh mix of songs, and maybe some of the songs below will appear on some sort of a B-Sides collection. What ever they decide to do I am sure it will be magical. Also what about the new photo shot of the band? Pretty cool and dark - maybe could be simalar to the tone of TKOL? Saturday just can't come soon enough.

Radiohead - The King of Limbs: Album Preview Mix by One Thirty BPM

Thom Yorke - Lotus Flower

Here is Thom Yorke at the Radiohead for Haiti Benefit (The Fonda Theater). Could this one be on The King of Limbs?

This has to be the most popular choice of any of the old songs that has a chance to make TKOL.

Thom Yorke - Let Me Take Control/Chris Hodge

Untitled song or as some people have titled it "Let Me Take Control/Chris Hodge" by Thom Yorke played at the first Atoms for Peace show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York. April 5th 2010. Will this be on The King of Limbs? I would like to see this on the new record but I see the record going in another direction.

Radiohead - The Headmaster Ritual (The Smiths Cover)

A cover of 'The Headmaster Ritual' as performed on the Radiohead's webcast on Nov 9th 2007.

Radiohead - Reckoner (The Twelves Remix)

01 Reckoner (The Twelves Remix) by Ozzy210

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Radiohead - The King of HYPE

I love the anticipation for The King of Limbs and all the crazy Radiohead fans throughout the world - It is Fantastic. I hope Radiohead do indeed save the Music industry. I have never seen such anticipation for the smallest of details about an album before. People are crashing websites trying to get info, going crazy over what songs might or might not be on the album, posting fake track listings all over the place, filling up Radiohead fan sites forums with questions and insights. It truly is something special to be a part of.

With Radiohead you really feel that they care about their music and most of all their fans. They vow to only contribute quality work and they never seem to disappoint when it comes to their releases. They are such a big band (possibly the biggest in the world) that they can dictate how they do things, if they want to wake up Monday morning and say hey "we wrote an album and it will be out on Saturday" they can. Or if they want to mysteriously post on their Japanese site that there is 8 Songs on The King of Limbs they can also do that. And even better if they want to charge $0 for an album they can do that - as they did with In Rainbows. But then if they want to come out with a revolutionary approach to releasing an album and charge $50 and call it "the first ever Newspaper album" they can surely do that as well.

I think it is awesome and as a music fan it excites me to see people on the edge of their seats over a release of an album. The music industry has been a dying breed the past few years but if we just keep saying that and not really do anything about it - it will Die. The internet has provided so many different marketing techniques for Bands nowadays. If you have a new record you get out there on the web and push your music, or get on the road and tour as much as possible. It is the fans that will drive the music news, stories, new album releases, that new hit song, live performances. So many are posting on forums, blogs, websites, fan sites, facebook, twitter, and posting reviews everywhere - you name it.

So it is refreshing to see a band like Radiohead take the music industry into their own hands and just stop crying about the downfall of the industry and actually do something about it. We are in a day and age that you have to be an entrepreneur and to really strive in what you do and love. You have to push limits and boundaries and do something that is truly unique and special that sets you apart from all the similar robots out there. I think that is exactly what Radiohead was trying to do with ‘In Rainbows’ and now with ‘The King of Limbs’. They have to know they are the biggest band in the world over the past decade and how much they can influence us the consumers and the music industry in general.

Do I want new music instantly – sure I do. And this is the problem, people want new music as fast as possible and in any format they can get it. So yes downloading that new hit song will get you that tune faster then anything but it just doesn’t feel right. With this ‘Newspaper’ album it really feels like I can be part of a music community once again, sure I get the quick access to the download but hey I want and I mean I WANT that physical copy also of that Newspaper album. With all of this hype that Radiohead have created in the past 48 hours, you have to think that for a week anyways that there is no problem what so ever with the so called “Music Industry”.

Radiohead Forever

Radiohead - Super Collider

Radiohead Super Collider live from Dublin June 7th 2008. I would love to see this song on The King of Limbs. The piano sound is exceptional.

Radiohead - The Present Tense

Here is Thom Yorke performing the new song "Present Tense" during his solo set on Latitude Festivel, 19 July 2009. This could be a good candidate to show up on The King of Limbs. I definitly wouldn't be disappointed and think a studio version could really do it justice. Hmmmmmmm wait and see.

Thom Yorke - Mouse Dog Bird

Here is Thom live at Cambridge performing "Mouse Dog Bird". Another potential candidate for The King of Limbs album coming out Saturday.

The King of Limbs - 8 Track album or Not?

So since we have nothing really concrete about The King of Limbs it is fun to discuss what might be..... says this about the new record...

Radiohead's new album 'The King Of Limbs' is being tipped to feature an eight-song tracklisting.

According to fansite the Japanese arm of the band's album sales website,, provided the information. The download and CD versions of the record offered through the 'newspaper album' version of the release were reportedly listed as containing eight tracks.

The information has been removed from the site since. The band's spokesperson told NME that the band would not be releasing tracklisting details ahead of the release.

If the information rings true this would make 'The King Of Limbs' the Radiohead album containing the least amount of songs to date.

The album will be released as a paid-for download on Saturday (February 19), then on CD and 12-inch vinyl on March 28. The 'newspaper album' version, featuring a CD, vinyl and artwork sheets, will be out on May 9. crashed under the weight of hits yesterday (14) morning as fans searched for information about the new album.

And this is from a huge Radiohead fansite.........

Now we know the title, release dates and the cover of the Radiohead album, we’d just love to know the titles of those tracks. Let’s guess around.
Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs‘ was their Valentine Project (as the source code of says) and hit all the headlines on the internet, made it to trending topic on Twitter, Facebook, crashed a website and all that. The tracklisting remains a secret till Saturday. However, it seems that we do know that the album holds just 8 tracks. The website for pre-ordering ‘The King Of Limbs operated by Hostess Entertainment, who take care of distribution in Japan and Asia, says you will get 8 tracks as a download and on the CD accompanied with the Newspaper edition. That would be less than all the previous Radiohead studio albums.

Update: The Japanese The King Of Limbs site removed the line about the 8 tracks shortly after this post.

Tracks we’ve seen rehearsed, played, rumoured and are possibly a candidate for the new album are the following;

The Daily Mail
Mouse Dog Bird
Lotus Flower
Give Up The Ghost
Skirting On The Surface
Open The Floodgates
Let Me Take Control/Chris Hodge
Burn The Witch
No Shame
Pay Day
Super Collider

Most of the above tracks are songs Thom Yorke played at solo shows and with his other band Atoms For Peace. Some of the others were rumoured tracks from the In Rainbows sessions and Radiohead live shows. Or can we expect an even older track finally recorded, like what happened to Nude on In Rainbows and Motion Picture Soundtrack on Kid A.

Here is a song "The Daily Mail" that would suit the first ever 'Newspaper' Album very nicely.

FPT's - Top 15 Radiohead Songs

I do realize that I am very bias when it comes to Radiohead but I think this is a fair list of how I listen to Radiohead and if I was forced with a gun to my head how I would choose to rank my favourite Radiohead tunes.

1 - Fake Plastic Trees (The Bends)
2 - Idioteque (Kid A)
3 - Killer Cars (B-Side from The Bends)
4 - No Surprises (OK Computer)
5 - Thinking About You (Pablo Honey)
6 - Black Star (The Bends)
7 - Karma Police (OK Computer)
8 - There There (Hail to the Thief)
9 - Reckoner (In Rainbows)
10 - High and Dry (The Bends)
11 - Let Down (OK Computer)
12 - The Bends (The Bends)
13 - All I Need (In Rainbows)
14 - How Can You Be Sure? (B-Side from The Bends)
15 - True Love Waits (I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings)

So 4 songs from The Bends and 2 B-sides from The Bends Period. You can see what album is my favourite. Honestly I could have put every song from The Bends on this list. It is just a fun list nothing serious just a list of how I hear Radiohead through my ears. I would love to hear other peoples lists of their favourite Radiohead tunes.

Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words

These Are My Twisted Words MP3

or directly from Radiohead

These Are My Twisted Words - Lyrics
These are my twisted words
When I feel you still walking
I know I should not look down
But I’m so sick of just talking

When are you coming back?
I just can’t handle it
When are you coming back?
I just can’t handle it

When are you coming back?
I just can’t stand it
I just can’t handle it

Radiohead - How Can You Be Sure?

This is one of Colin's favourites, he really wanted it to be included on The Bends, but he didn't get his way. When this track was first heard on radio, in 1993, Thom noted that the title was only tentatively "How Can You Be Sure?" and that he hoped to change it. This never happened, though on the first Japanese issue of The Bends, which includes two bonus tracks, the song was called "When I'm Like This."

The background singer heard is Dianne Swann, of the band The Julie Dolphine. Originally, it was thought that it was Ed's voice doing the background vocals, re-sampled, and that "Dianne Swan" was actually a joke, meaning "Dying Swan.". Ed also does the backing vocals, but Dianne Swan is harmonizing with Thom during the 2nd verse. This song also appeared on the soundtrack for Japanese film 'Nowhere'

So there you have it a few fun little facts about a great B-Side song that is often overlooked.

How Can You Be Sure? - Lyrics
Seen all good things and bad
Running down the hill
All so battered and brought to the ground

I am hungry again, I am drunk again
With all the money I owe to my friends

When I'm like this
How can you be smiling saying
How can you be sure?
How can you be sure?

If you walk out the door
Will I see you again?
If so much of me lies in your eyes

I am hungry again, and I am drunk again
With all the money I owe to my friends

And when I'm like this
How can you be smiling, singing
(I don't want you, I don't want you) How can you be sure?
(I don't want you, I don't want you) How can you be sure?
(I don't want you, I don't want you) How can you be sure?
(I don't want you, I don't want you) How can you be sure?

I don't want you, I don't want you anymore
I don't want you, I don't want you anymore

Jonny Greenwood to Score Tilda Swinton Film

On the same day that we get news of Radiohead's album The King of Limbs, The Hollywood Reporter says that the band's guitarist, Jonny Greenwood, has been tapped to score the upcoming drama We Need to Talk About Kevin, directed by Lynne Ramsay and starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly. The film is currently in the post-production stage, according to IMDb, though it has no release date just yet.

Radiohead - Neil Young Cover Songs

Here are a bunch of covers from Radiohead of the great Neil Young. My favourite band in the world covering the greatest musician ever from Canada - Neil Young. It really doesn't get better then those two together. The quality is not really great on any of them but still a nice listen for any Radiohead fan out there. On The Beach is my fav out of the bunch. If anyone knows of any better quality versions please let me know. Thanks.

On The Beach

Cinnamon Girl

After The Gold Rush

Tell Me Why

Down By The River