Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dirty Gold - California Sunrise

California Sunrise MP3 Thanks to The Music Ninja for the link to the download. This song is about as chill a song as you will find out there. It is the type of song that you would love to wake up to everyday and just relax and feel like there is no rush to anything in the world. Almost like a slow wake up song, or a song that is really just a snooze button but not.

Dirty Gold are a teenage San Diego group consisting of high school students Lincoln Ballif, John Ballif and Grant Nassif. Dirty Gold describe their very cool musical sound as an eclectic combination of the following music genres Afro Beat, Experimental, Beach Pop, and Surf Pop.

"California Sunrise" comes from Dirty Gold's EP 'From Treasures Hidden'and you can find it Autumn Tone Records label.

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