Monday, February 28, 2011

Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome

Everything Everything are somewhat of a genre confussed band from Manchester, UK and could maybe be categorized under the indie rock group. Here is a clip from their website describing their type of music... "Imagine a band who fuse three part harmonies with scalding post-punk guitars; floor-filling bass lines with syncopated rhythms and lyrics about everything from high-school massacres to R&B lotharios musing on their lot in a post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Not easy, is it? But then Everything Everything (Jonathan: guitar/vocals, Jeremy: bass, Mike: drums, Alex: guitar) aren't here to make life easy. They're here to challenge every knee-jerk convention of indie rock and dance on the grave of pointless retrogression

"We've never been comfortable with the indie tag" explains Jeremy."

The Debut album is available now via itunes in the USA and has been available overseas for a year plus now. Definitly worth a listen.

Man Alive Tracklisting:
1. My Kz, Ur Bf
2. Qwerty Finger
3. Schoolin'
4. Leave The Engine Room
5. Final Form
6. Photoshop Handsome
7. Two for Nero
8. Suffragette Suffragette
9. Come Alive Diana
10. NASA Is On Your Side
11. Tin (The Manhole)
12. Weights
13. Hiawatha Doomed (Bonus Track)

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