Friday, February 11, 2011

Grouplove - Naked Kids

So I have been listening to this album/EP Grouplove. the 'Colours' song was a huge huge hit and now I hear 'Naked Kids' song and really can't get enough. It has that summertime sound to it and is kind of goofy but the melody just hooks me in every time it pops on. I believe this will be getting some air time in the near future. Go check out Grouplove over at Emusic

If you like Colours and Naked Kids then also 'Don't Say Oh Well' is worth a listen as well.

Here is the Track Listing for the album
01. Colours
02. Naked Kids
03. Gold Coast
04. Getaway Car
05. Don't Say Oh Well
06. Get Giddy

Grouplove - Naked Kids by RussTannen

Here is a cool acoustic version on youtube

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