Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Heartbreaks - Liar, My Dear

Here is some info I found on the band over at
"The Heartbreaks are all about finding poetry in the bleakest of situations. Born and brought up in Morecambe, the four best friends bonded over what they liked (Motown records, Mod fashions, the seaside). Forming The Heartbreaks last year, the four members immediately relocated to Manchester with the intention of forming a band that could actually mean something to people, a band to inspire devotion. Happy to wear their hearts and intellect on their sleeves, The Heartbreaks trade in beautifully skewed melancholy. Young (19 to 20 yrs), cool and extremely talented, the band have in their short time together created one of the most talked about bands in Manchester and are now set to take their songs to a national and international audience."

Sounds like it is time to get on this hype train.

Here is some further listening
The Heartbreaks 2010 by The Heartbreaks

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