Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The King of Limbs - 8 Track album or Not?

So since we have nothing really concrete about The King of Limbs it is fun to discuss what might be.....

NME.com says this about the new record...

Radiohead's new album 'The King Of Limbs' is being tipped to feature an eight-song tracklisting.

According to fansite Ateaseweb.com the Japanese arm of the band's album sales website, Thekingoflimbbs.jp, provided the information. The download and CD versions of the record offered through the 'newspaper album' version of the release were reportedly listed as containing eight tracks.

The information has been removed from the site since. The band's spokesperson told NME that the band would not be releasing tracklisting details ahead of the release.

If the information rings true this would make 'The King Of Limbs' the Radiohead album containing the least amount of songs to date.

The album will be released as a paid-for download on Saturday (February 19), then on CD and 12-inch vinyl on March 28. The 'newspaper album' version, featuring a CD, vinyl and artwork sheets, will be out on May 9.

Ateaseweb.com crashed under the weight of hits yesterday (14) morning as fans searched for information about the new album.

And this is from AtEaseWeb.com a huge Radiohead fansite.........

Now we know the title, release dates and the cover of the Radiohead album, we’d just love to know the titles of those tracks. Let’s guess around.
Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs‘ was their Valentine Project (as the source code of Radiohead.com says) and hit all the headlines on the internet, made it to trending topic on Twitter, Facebook, crashed a website and all that. The tracklisting remains a secret till Saturday. However, it seems that we do know that the album holds just 8 tracks. The website for pre-ordering ‘The King Of Limbs operated by Hostess Entertainment, who take care of distribution in Japan and Asia, says you will get 8 tracks as a download and on the CD accompanied with the Newspaper edition. That would be less than all the previous Radiohead studio albums.

Update: The Japanese The King Of Limbs site removed the line about the 8 tracks shortly after this post.

Tracks we’ve seen rehearsed, played, rumoured and are possibly a candidate for the new album are the following;

The Daily Mail
Mouse Dog Bird
Lotus Flower
Give Up The Ghost
Skirting On The Surface
Open The Floodgates
Let Me Take Control/Chris Hodge
Burn The Witch
No Shame
Pay Day
Super Collider

Most of the above tracks are songs Thom Yorke played at solo shows and with his other band Atoms For Peace. Some of the others were rumoured tracks from the In Rainbows sessions and Radiohead live shows. Or can we expect an even older track finally recorded, like what happened to Nude on In Rainbows and Motion Picture Soundtrack on Kid A.

Here is a song "The Daily Mail" that would suit the first ever 'Newspaper' Album very nicely.


  1. What about i froze up? that song got played pretty often on the atoms for peace tour!

  2. Definitly a possibility as is anything. I am sure it will just be a clean list of songs that no one has even heard about.