Saturday, February 26, 2011

Matthew Good - Lights of Endangered Species

Ok here we go - some new Matthew Good due out in the spring. Title of the album is 'Lights of Endangered Species'. The album title "Cold Harbor" was originally embedded in several of the MP3s encoded by Matthew himself.
This album will likely be Matthew Good's last full length album. It was recorded October 2010 with Warne Livesey as producer. Mixing began on November 29th that same year.

This album will be Good's fourteenth release with Universal Music and second release after re-signing with them.

Matthew Good has always won me over with his music. I think the guy is genious and he is one of those hidden gems stuck up in Canada. Ask anyone in the USA if they know about Matt Good and most of the time it is nope. But when you do hear of someone that knows of Matt Good not only do they know of him but they love his music. This is another great release to look forward to in 2011. Update: Lights of Endangered Species will be released May 31st.

Lights of Endangered Species Track Listing

1. Extraordinary Fades
2. How It Goes
3. Shallow's Low
4. What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred
5. Zero Orchestra
6. Non Populus
7. In A Place Of Lesser Men
8. Set Me On Fire
9. Lights Of Endangered Species

Here is a new Demo that won't be on the album titled 'Darling'

Matthew Good - Die Like Kings (DEMO)

Matthew Good - Hornets (DEMO)


  1. A complete list of songs he demoed:

    A Little Something To Fall Asleep To
    A Short Time On Earth
    All The Time In The World
    All You Sons And Daughters
    Die Like Kings
    Extraordinary Fades
    For And Against
    Hornets (Rock Version)
    Hornets (Horns Version)
    Hornets (Instrumental Horns Version)
    Hornets (2nd Rock Version)
    How It Goes
    I Once Saw A Magician Cut You In Half
    In A Place Of Lesser Men
    Lights Of Endangered Species
    Non Populus
    Set Me On Fire
    Shallow's low
    We Are A Place
    What If I Can't See The Stars, Mildred?
    Zero Orchestra

    "A Little Something To Fall Asleep To" became "We Are A Place" when he extended it and added lyrics.

    "All The Time In The World" is an evolved version of "A Short Time On Earth".

    "Die Like Kings" is an evolved version of "All The Time In The World".

    "cr." is a song loosely based off of the Hawaii Five-O theme song.

    "Homecoming" became "Shallow's Low" after Matt's daughter was singing the chorus to "Homecoming as 'We're all shallow's low' instead of 'We're all going home'.

    "Dawn" and "I Once Saw A Magician Cut You In Half" merged to form "Lights Of Endangered Species".

    "Lights Of Endangered Species" is the album name.

    "What If I Can't See The Stars, Mildred?" has been re-written the most, changing a line in a verse or the entire bridge.


  2. Zero Orchestra is the final demo he came up with. He was trying to re-work Hornets into something that fit the album and he liked and came up with ZO instead which is a completely different song from Hornets and I much prefer ZO. In my opinion it's the most upbeat song of his career and very catchy but in a different way. You may be shocked when you hear it, it is VERY different for MG.

  3. A Short Time on Earth is a rearranged version or Die Like Kings... i prefer the die like kings version.

  4. Re: PlasticBag

    * Darling

  5. Forgot one

    Matthew Good - For And Against (2010 Demo)


  7. Thanks for all the comments guys. Great list there of all the unreleased Matt Good songs. And thanks freehand for the For and Against Link.

  8. Thats a long list, is there some place all these demos are available to listen to?


  10. It's a shame Die Like Kings and Hornets didn't make the album, Those songs are amazing.