Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Papercuts - Do What You Will

March 1st 2011 marks the release of Papercuts fourth album titled 'Fading Parade' via Sup Pop Records. This track 'Do What You Will' is a nice friendly pop tune that will reel you in for more.

SubPop declares that Fading Parade is "such a breath of fresh air" and go on to say "Papercuts prinicipal Jason Robert Quever’s beautiful songwriting is thoughtful, quietly evocative and simultaneously ambitious. This is dream pop of the highest order, but unlike a lot of contemporary bands that fall under the same sonic umbrella, Papercuts isn’t trying to emulate shoegaze heavy hitters from yesteryear. Instead, Quever’s embraced a gentler, more sophisticated approach to presenting pop music that’s steeped in atmosphere."

Quever himself summed it up best about what type of music Papercuts is... “There was so much aggressive music when I was younger, and I just felt like trying something different,” says Quever. “I don’t want to hit people over the head. That’s just not who I am. I don’t necessarily like to be the center of attention.” 'Do What You Will' is not your boom and bust rock out tune more like your soft, nice, friendly, and a catchy song at that - which will allow you to want to listen to this more than once. The song just has a great flow to it that connects the listener to the entire song.

Fading Parade Tracklisting
1 Do You Really Wanna Know
2 Do What You Will
3 I'll See You Later, I Guess
4 Chills
5 The Messenger
6 White Are the Waves
7 Wait Till I'm Dead
8 Marie Says You've Changed
9 Winter Daze
10 Charades

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