Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Radiohead - The King of HYPE

I love the anticipation for The King of Limbs and all the crazy Radiohead fans throughout the world - It is Fantastic. I hope Radiohead do indeed save the Music industry. I have never seen such anticipation for the smallest of details about an album before. People are crashing websites trying to get info, going crazy over what songs might or might not be on the album, posting fake track listings all over the place, filling up Radiohead fan sites forums with questions and insights. It truly is something special to be a part of.

With Radiohead you really feel that they care about their music and most of all their fans. They vow to only contribute quality work and they never seem to disappoint when it comes to their releases. They are such a big band (possibly the biggest in the world) that they can dictate how they do things, if they want to wake up Monday morning and say hey "we wrote an album and it will be out on Saturday" they can. Or if they want to mysteriously post on their Japanese site that there is 8 Songs on The King of Limbs they can also do that. And even better if they want to charge $0 for an album they can do that - as they did with In Rainbows. But then if they want to come out with a revolutionary approach to releasing an album and charge $50 and call it "the first ever Newspaper album" they can surely do that as well.

I think it is awesome and as a music fan it excites me to see people on the edge of their seats over a release of an album. The music industry has been a dying breed the past few years but if we just keep saying that and not really do anything about it - it will Die. The internet has provided so many different marketing techniques for Bands nowadays. If you have a new record you get out there on the web and push your music, or get on the road and tour as much as possible. It is the fans that will drive the music news, stories, new album releases, that new hit song, live performances. So many are posting on forums, blogs, websites, fan sites, facebook, twitter, and posting reviews everywhere - you name it.

So it is refreshing to see a band like Radiohead take the music industry into their own hands and just stop crying about the downfall of the industry and actually do something about it. We are in a day and age that you have to be an entrepreneur and to really strive in what you do and love. You have to push limits and boundaries and do something that is truly unique and special that sets you apart from all the similar robots out there. I think that is exactly what Radiohead was trying to do with ‘In Rainbows’ and now with ‘The King of Limbs’. They have to know they are the biggest band in the world over the past decade and how much they can influence us the consumers and the music industry in general.

Do I want new music instantly – sure I do. And this is the problem, people want new music as fast as possible and in any format they can get it. So yes downloading that new hit song will get you that tune faster then anything but it just doesn’t feel right. With this ‘Newspaper’ album it really feels like I can be part of a music community once again, sure I get the quick access to the download but hey I want and I mean I WANT that physical copy also of that Newspaper album. With all of this hype that Radiohead have created in the past 48 hours, you have to think that for a week anyways that there is no problem what so ever with the so called “Music Industry”.

Radiohead Forever

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