Friday, February 18, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs - Album Review

So the day has arrived and a day early to boot. First off thanks to Radiohead for this new album and especially thanks for the day early release. If any of you are like me one day is a real big deal - the anticipation of The King of Limbs release has had me running circles all week long.

I have to admit that I am a huge Radiohead Fanatic and anything I write about the band is pretty much biased, hahaha that being said lets talk about TKOL's.

Here is the tracklisting
1) Bloom 5:14
2) Morning Mr Magpie 4:40
3) Little By Little 4:27
4) Feral 3:12
5) Lotus Flower 5:00
6) Codex 4:46
7) Give Up The Ghost 4:50
8) Separator 5:20

So the 8 song album that everyone was talking about really did come to past (Thank You Japan!). And as far as all new material well it is a 50/50 split. Morning Mr Magpie, Lotus Flower, Give Up The Ghost and Separator (Formily known as Mouse Dog Bird) have all been played in the past either at live shows or via online webcasts. But on TKOL they are fuller versions and you get the full set.

Bloom starts off the album with really a bang and a preview of how the 8 song set will go. Bloom is a fantastic song to open with showcasing that electro feel of the album. TKOL's has somewhat of that Kid A/The Erasure sound that you hear at times. To me it almost feels more of a Thom Yorke album then a Radiohead album, but maybe just slightly. Morning Mr Magpie brings a wicked tempo where you really hear Thom's vocals shine. "You Know You Should But You Don't" is sure to be on repeat in your mind after listening.

Little by Little seems almost like it doesn't fit on this record. Seems to be more of a B-side sound to me but it could be a grower also. Maybe in a months time I will be thinking about it in a whole new light. It does offer more of a modern new sound that shows Radiohead continue to evolve (if that is even possible). The next song on the disk 'Feral' brings a heavy electric vibe with mixed in vocals here and there.

Next comes Lotus Flower which is the lead single off the record which Radiohead have already posted the official video that you can check out here featuring Thom's awesome dance skills. This is a song that Thom has played live in the past and one that alot of people were hoping would find its way on to the album. It is a very strong song and probably the most complete song out of the 8 tunes on TKOL.

Thanks to ObscureSound for this upload of Lotus Flower also you can DL it.
Radiohead - Lotus Flower by ObscureSound

The standout track for me is Codex. Here is my thoughts and opinions on Codex from an earlier post, "WOW that is what I have to say about Codex. It is amazing in every way - one of the most sincere and beautiful Radiohead songs I can remember. After listening to The King of Limbs now 3 times this morning - this song would always seem to bring me in the most. The piano sound is gorgeous and mixed with Thom's incredible vocals it helps create a very engaging and powerful tune."

"I love that they put this song right in the middle of the other two power house tunes from TKOL (Lotus Flower and Give Up The Ghost). Codex is such a chill laid back tune but at the same time it is so powerful and moving. For me this is my clear cut favourite song on The King of Limbs. And man I really wish that 8 songs was more like 12 songs. Great great album nonetheless though and I suspect that when it gets its physical release they will be adding another disk or some more songs."

06 Codex by Trippingili

Give Up The Ghost is next and it is just an awesome awesome song. If I had to describe this song in only 3 words they would be "Beautiful, Spacey, Unreal". This studio release is fuller then what has been played live in the past. The last song on the album is Separator which the mumblings are already coming in that it is the oddest of all closing songs for any Radiohead song. It was formily known as Mouse Dog Bird when played live in the past. I almost think that it is more of a To Be Continued... sort of song. I feel it leaves you hanging there for something a little more then the 8 song total of TKOL. Maybe this is true maybe once the physical release, and Newspaper album are released there will be some additional songs. It is Radiohead so really anything is possible.

The King of Limbs has a constant beat mixed with the perfect flow. The songs connect together giving the album more of a grown up sound that is different again then anything Radiohead has released in the past. The album is full of Electic vibes and beats giving it that futuristic sound that they seem to evolve more and more with each album. I really felt the second half of the album was the strongest with songs 5 to 8 (Lotus Flower, Codex, Give Up The Ghost, Separator). The first 4 songs left me wanting more and the last 4 songs left me REALLY wanting more. The King of Limbs is a rough and tough funky album that at 8 songs the only complaint is I want more.

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