Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs Part 2

The King of Limbs Part 2, The King of Limbs Part II, The King of Limbs 2, The King of Limbs II, TKOL2, TKOLII - name it whatever you would like but is it real? - You have to think it is a possibility with all the insights and theories connected to it.
***Ok this is just a fun post about the possibilities that Radiohead have split The King of Limbs into a 2 part series***

I am one of those firm believers who think this is only half the album and that there are another 7 songs left (hence Separator which is the last song and song 8 - which would separate the first 7 songs from the last 7 songs). “If you think this is over Then you’re wrong” Can they really be any more clear here? just posted something simalar with these speculations...
"There's an Internet rumor floating around that claims that the band's recent King of Limbs album is actually the first half of a double LP. The proof that this is the case is this:

1. The last song on the album is called "Separator." Which obviously means that there is another song/album.

2. The orders for the album were labeled TKOL1 in pre-orders.

3. The whole band is hardly featured, as Jonny Greenwood specifically can hardly be heard here.

4. And the band has released second parts to two albums (Kid A had Amnesiac, In Rainbows had a second disc when it came out in stores)."

Some of the points I agree with here are the obvious last song "Separator" (which was once title 'Mouse Dog Bird'), and how it really is the divider of the two parts of The King of Limbs. I know the Mouse Dog Bird version is not exactly the same as the Separator version but still changing the name makes you think just a little bit more.

The part that the orders for the album were labeled TKOL1 with the pre-orders is also a pretty solid piece of evidence to go off of as well. When the Japan site said there were going to be 8 songs included on the album - everyone questioned that as well - and it turned out to be true. Further on this point - charging $48 for the first ever newspaper album and it only includes 8 songs....hmmmmm this seems a little off to me. Also just the MP3 version for $9 seems like a strange amount for 8 songs, why not just $8 for the 8 songs? After all their last album In Rainbows was a pay what you want album, and it could have been had for free.

Also there’s the physical edition of ‘The King Of Limbs’ and it comes with two 10” vinyl records. Why two vinyl records for only 8 songs and 37 minutes of music? So maybe there really is a TKOL2 just waiting to be released for all of us fans to download.

The next point about Jonny Greenwood and the rest of the band being hardly at all featured is a valid one as well. TKOL has more of a Thom Yorke solo album (much like The Eraser). Surely there has to be more material that showcases more of the bands talents.

Then there is the fact that Kid A and In Rainbows both had second parts added to albums with Amnesiac and a 2nd disc to In Rainbows. Interesting points made at NME here "When ‘Kid A’ came out, no-one knew that a second album from those same sessions - ‘Amnesiac’ - was finished and ready to go. It’s been four years since ‘In Rainbows’. Do we really think these eight, almost guitar-free, tracks are all Radiohead have to show for it?"

Some additional thoughts I have had about the idea of a second part to The King of Limbs is that they used 4 unrecorded songs that have been already heard (Morning Mr Magpie, Lotus Flower, Give Up The Ghost, and Separator (aka Mouse Dog Bird). The fact is they had a bunch of other stuff out there that they could have also recorded in the studio to go along with these such as The Daily Mail, Super Collider, The Present Tense, Skirting on The Surface, These are My Twisted Words, Open the Floodgates, and oldies Big Boots and True Love Waits. The fact is there is alot of material sitting out there without any studio release. I have to think that 3 or 4 of these additional songs would be on a Part II of The King of Limbs.

I took a recent poll the week leading up to the new release of TKOL's about what song fans wanted on the new album. It only ran for 3 days but had 108 votes (they could vote for more than 1 song), just for fun here are the results.
The King of Limbs - What Song do You Want On It?
35% The Present Tense
33% Lotus Flower (TKOL)
27% Give Up The Ghost (TKOL)
25% The Daily Mail
21% All New Material
20% True Love Waits
19% Big Boots
17% Skirting On The Surface
17% Super Collider
15% Mouse Dog Bird (TKOL)
14% Other Song Not Listed (Morning Mr Magpie TKOL)
14% Follow Me Around
14% Open The Floodgates
12% These Are My Twisted Words
12% Burn The Witch
3% Harry Patch

So as you can see there are some pretty heavy hitters that still haven't found it on to any Radiohead records just yet. The Present Tense, The Daily Mail, Super Collider, and Skirting On The Surface would be likely candidates to make it on to The King of Limbs Part 2.

Another thought I had in regards to TKOL2 is the way Radiohead advertised and marketed the release of this album. Valentine's morning they just post on their site "Hey we have a new album and it comes out Saturday" also this is going to be the worlds first 'Newspaper' album. Do you know how quickly word of mouth spread on that release. It seemed like the music world stopped for a week and only talked about Radiohead's new album (well I know that is true for me). Next on the lines of marketing they happen to post on the Japan site that the album is 8 songs and release no track listing for it. Fans continue to go crazy and build hype and buzz for the album. Then on top of all of that they release the album a day early on Friday instead of the scheduled Saturday.

They did a beautiful job of hyping this album, and they did it in less then a week. I have to think there is going to be a few more surprises when it comes to the official physical release on May 9th. Think about that, that is still 2 1/2 months away, no way they just sit there and let fans wait for 2 1/2 months with nothing more.

What Radiohead have done so far with the release of The King of Limbs is get the music fan back. It is a dying music industry and it really needed someone to step up and to fix things. I am not sure if Radiohead fixed things just yet but one thing is for sure they made anticipating an albums release the most exciting thing ever for a week. If they can continue to give us that little kid excitment feel for the next 2+ months they may just change how we perceive, purchase, and listen to music altogether.
So don't be surprised if our good friend 'Radiohead' have a few more twists, turns and surprises before May 9th.

Here is another look at some of the other unreleased tracks that could be featured on a second disk of The King of Limbs.
Radiohead - The King of Limbs: Album Preview Mix by One Thirty BPM


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  2. Ok another thing to add to my theory that there is more songs and that The King of Limbs is a To Be Continued... album - FERAL! Would they really put this on the album if there was only 8 songs total? I find that hard to believe and am sure that there is a better choice then Feral for an 8 song album.

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  4. Hey! Nice page!! Thanks for the kind words.

  5. No Prob Josh. I look forward to reading more on your TKOL2 series.

  6. A new development in TKOL2 theories, there is a download link for a supposed part 2 on this site

  7. Shit record and a shit/embarrassing review.

    "I have to think there is going to be a few more surprises when it comes to the official physical release on May 9th. Think about that, that is still 2 1/2 months away, no way they just sit there and let fans wait for 2 1/2 months with nothing more."

    I smell denial at the fact you were unimpressed by this album. But denial is the best thing you Radiohead fanboys are good at.