Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs - Unreleased Songs

Photo taken by Sebastian Edge

Here are the songs on The King of Limbs
1) Bloom 5:14
2) Morning Mr Magpie 4:40
3) Little By Little 4:27
4) Feral 3:12
5) Lotus Flower 5:00
6) Codex 4:46
7) Give Up The Ghost 4:50
8) Separator 5:20

So here are a list of songs you can listen to and download if you please that are all old and unreleased Radiohead songs. Maybe one or two or a few or may none will be on The King of Limbs but hey it is fun to speculate and wonder what might be since we don't have any track list for the new album. Lotus Flower and Super Collider would be my two choices that I would like to see make the album but a part of me just wants all new material and just have that unique listening experience come Saturday.

I know a lot of us would love an official studio versions of both True Love Waits and Big Boots but do you really think that Radiohead would give us some old material for the first ever "Newspaper" album? I doubt it I am thinking this has to be a fresh mix of songs, and maybe some of the songs below will appear on some sort of a B-Sides collection. What ever they decide to do I am sure it will be magical. Also what about the new photo shot of the band? Pretty cool and dark - maybe could be simalar to the tone of TKOL? Saturday just can't come soon enough.

Radiohead - The King of Limbs: Album Preview Mix by One Thirty BPM

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