Thursday, February 17, 2011

Radiohead's Cryptic Japanese Tweet Sparks Speculation

Here is an interesting story reported on Spinner
Radiohead have posted a cryptic message in Japanese on Twitter. As a result, speculation among fans is now rife that the band are set to appear in Tokyo on Friday (Feb. 18) to mark the release of new album 'The King of Limbs'.

According to the NME, the tweet appears to be a location and a time. A rough translation reads "Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday."

The square in question is one of Tokyo's notoriously-congested pedestrian area while the rest of the tweet has been interpreted to mean the time, 6:59PM JST (9:59AM GMT).

So far neither the band nor their representatives have offered any explanation for the mysterious tweet.

As previously reported by Spinner, Radiohead announced on Valentine's Day that they would be releasing their eighth album digitally on Feb. 19 with physical copies available from May 9.

The album has been kept well under wraps, which is no mean feat in a world where online leaks are almost mandatory. Instead the only detail available comes from 'The King of Limbs' official website which described the follow-up to 'In Rainbows' as "the world's first (perhaps) Newspaper Album."

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  1. OK just in from NME:

    Radiohead: 'We won't be playing a gig in Tokyo'