Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Raveonettes - Forgot That Your Young

First off I have always been a big Raveonettes fan - I remember seeing them play live here in SLC about 6 years ago when they opened for The Strokes and their live energy is amazing for a rock duo.

Second off I have to give a big shout out to all my Danish fans out there, I know that there are a lot of you that come to FPT regularly and I want to thank you for that. I also want to thank you for this great band you guys have from your homeland. So here is a shiny new tune off of the new album Raven In The Grave.

Here is the info for the new album via The Raveonettes website

"Raven In The Grave" is being released in North America on April 5 and rest of the world on April 4. It's the perfect Winter soundtrack just in time for Spring. We like it in the Snow.

Here's the track listing. For Anticipation.
1. Recharge & Revolt
2. War In Heaven
3. Forget That You're Young
4. Apparitions
5. Summer Moon
6. Let Me On out
7. Ignite
8. Evil Seeds
9. My Time's Up
Sharin & Sune

The Raveonettes - Forget That You're Young by thisisfakediy

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