Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alexander - Alexander ALBUM REVIEW

Alexander Ebert of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros released his solo album 'Alexander' today March 1st on Community Music (via Vagrant). Below is a link to check out the first two singles, "Truth" (Free Download) and the new "A Million Years".

Alexander is not afraid to use or try anything different when it comes to creating new music. This is true with his solo effort of Alexander, he creates an album that you want to listen too from start to finish. There really is no reason to have to skip a track on this record to get to the next one. It is a very consistant and clever album that flows well from the very beginning with 'Lets Win!'. 'Lets Win!' creates that feeling of wanting to slap your legs, stomp your feet and sing along while you are sitting on the front porch enjoying your favourite drink and watching the dog sleep beside you.

A couple of tracks such as 'Awake My Body' and 'Bad Bad Love' almost have a Bob Dylanish tone to them. If you had to pick one standout track it would have to be the catchy single "Truth". From the first listen you take in all the unique background sounds combined with Alexander's voice and boom you have something great. 'A Million Years' delivers the theme that anything in life is possible, and to never give up and to keep fighting for what you want.

The only slightly negative thing I can think of on this record is the last 3 songs they seem a little more of filler tunes and kind of drag at times. 'Glimpses' is a nice slow jam though that really highlights Ebert's voice and the power behind it.

Alexander is a nice refreshing sound to start off the month of March, and one that should not be missed. I believe this will be on my top records for the year, I just love the musician's talent that is spread acrossed the whole album. It feels that Ebert has a real passion for his work and that mixed with his great talent for song writing - an art is truly developed. He is always wanting to explore and perfect each of his songs in a way that makes them unique and a work of art.

Alexander says it best here on his Vagrant Bio “Recording is like painting for me,” says the singer. “When I’m by myself arranging a song, I’m running around naked, I’m eating crazy food, I’m yelling, I’m dancing. I change things, I try crazy things and silly things and serious things, and things I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable trying in front of a bunch of people. I just love recording and writing, so I’m always doing that.”

Alexander by AlexanderEbert

Track Listing for Alexander
1. Let's Win
2. Awake My Body
3. Truth
4. In The Twilight
5. Bad Bad Love
6. Old Friend
7. A Million Years
8. Remember Our Heart
9. Glimpses
10. Let's Make A Deal To Not Make A Deal

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