Friday, March 11, 2011

Beach Fossils - What A Pleasure EP - Review

I was anticipating this little EP for sometime and my anticipation was not in vain. This little 8 song What A Pleasure EP is little hidden gem. I personal felt like Beach Fossils self-titled debut album should have got a lot more praise then it did. Their sound is pure Lo-Fi but to me it has more content then alot of the other Lo-Fi outfits floating around. They bring a catchy/consistant vibe to all of their music. The flow of the guitars, drums and vocals all together make for some incredible music.

What A Pleasure was just released on Tuesday (March 8th) via Captured Tracks. From the very start of the EP on 'Moments' the tone is set, somewhat of a chill out melody that makes you feel like you are floating. What a Pleasure is the second track and it pumps things up a little bit, and ultimatly mirrors the songs title. It is a refreshing and clean arrangement of instruments mixed with some incredible vocals.

The next two songs 'Fall Right In' and 'Out in The Way' both have that dreamy pop feel to them, that show their emotion through the lyrics. 'Out in the Way' feat. Wild Nothing on the track and it shows, it is an absolutely beauty of a song. It has that chill out vibe along with the dreamy quality that connects the listener like glue.

Both 'Face It' and 'Distance' have been released before as a single but they still add to this EP as a whole. Face It is one of my favourite tracks by Beach Fossils, delivering a very focused and chill out attack. It is the poster child of what a Beach Fossil song sounds like in my opinion. As with 'Distance' and is a sweet short and constant sound.

To end the EP there is both 'Calyer' and 'Adversity'. Calyer might just have the most energy out of all the tunes on What a Pleasure, and it forces you to want to listen to it again and again. Adversity is the closer and it does it's job focusing on how tough times can come up but you just have to deal with them and fight through them and life will surely go on. What A Pleasure.

What A Pleasure EP Tracklisting
1. Moments Beach Fossils 1:04
2. What a Pleasure Beach Fossils 2:32
3. Fall Right In Beach Fossils 2:33
4. Out in the Way (feat. Wild Nothing) 3:52
5. Face It Beach Fossils 3:34
6. Distance Beach Fossils 2:20
7. Calyer Beach Fossils 3:09
8. Adversity 4:03

Beach Fossils - What a Pleasure by ccconr

Beach Fossils - Calyer by therecordcrate

Beach Fossils - "Face It" by OctopusWindmill

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