Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry - REVIEW

To start out here is a little background on the band from their record label Slumberland's website... "Brown Recluse formed in 2006 around the core of Timothy Meskers and Mark Saddlemire. Taking influence from the psych pop of The Zombies and Margo Guryan, the tropicalia of Os Mutantes, and 60s producers like Joe Meek and Phil Spector, the two recorded the bulk of their debut six-song Black Sunday EP. A brilliant blast of pop invention, Black Sunday easily rates as one of our favorite records of the last five years. Its blend of blinding songcraft, skilled arrangements and gorgeous playing is an absolute joy; it's rare to hear a record so assured from such a young band".

Their debut album 'Evening Tapestry' was just released on Tuesday, March 15th, via Slumberland. I like to somewhat pick and choose what albums I listen too and review and this one I listened to a few times and thought it would be a great addition to FPT's and the type of reviews that I have to offer. Evening Tapestry really gives you that older vintage psychedelic feel to it. It is the type of record you could have on in the car with your parents and they wouldn't tell you to turn it off. Not that that would be a good thing or a bad thing it is just a record that everyone can truly enjoy.

The record starts out with 'Hobble to the Tomb' as the opening track and delivers with some haunting horns with some low key vocals that are nice and short and direct. "Impressions of a City Morning" is the next tune and it has it's own taste bringing in a folky tamberine sound mixed with with some dreamy pop vocals. 'Statue Garden' is a classy yet fun type of song, offering some great vibes via a cool playing keyboard.

Summer Showers is a simple song, and is followed by 'Wooden Fingers' which is one of my favourites on the album. It has a nice mix of background vocals, with some cool horns and a pretty sweet guitar solo near the end of the song. Beautiful Light is the middle track that is an instrumental one and acts as a seperater (or breather) for the rest of the album.

'Monday Moon' could possibly be the most complete song on Evening Tapestry, it has alot to offer with its strong vocals/guitars/drums/keyboard, and is a very well put together song. 'At Last' is a simple and honest song that leads you to the album highlight 'Golden Sun'. Golden Sun is my favourite song on this album and one of my favourite songs of the year so far. It opens with bells clinging softly and is followed by some soft horns and then the daunting vocals/lyrics hit you in the face. It is the perfect blend of music and Brown Recluse do a good job of including all sounds that work into each of their songs.

The album ends with 'Paisly Tears' and 'March to Your Tomb'. Paisly Tears is more of a fader tune that leads you along to the next, and March to Your Tomb is a great ending to the album. It is the longest track on the album at 5:02. Ends with the same soothing vocals and psychedelic sound that was offered throughout the record. Evening Tapestry is a very direct and open album, nothing is left hidden it is all on the table for the listener to enjoy. It could very well be one of the hidden gems of 2011.

Evening Tapestry Tracklisting
1. Hobble To Your Tomb
2. Impressions of a City Morning
3. Statue Garden
4. Summer Showers
5. Wooden Fingers
6. Beautiful Light
7. Monday Moon
8. At Last
9. Golden Sun
10. Paisley Tears
11. March To Your Tomb

Impressions of a City Morning
Brown Recluse - Impressions of a City Morning by Slumberland Records

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