Friday, March 4, 2011

Jonny Greenwood - Norwegian Wood Soundtrack

So with the waiting for the release of any additional parts to Radiohead's The King of Limbs, I bring you Jonny Greenwood's work on the Norwegian Wood Soundtrack. This will be available via Nonesuch Records on March 8th here in the USA. It is already out in different places as well. Below is Jonny talking about the release of the Soundtrack with the BBC 6 crew.

In his recent interview with BBC 6 Music Jonny said this about Radiohead... "We are recording with Radiohead and rehearsing, playing and making music and working out what to do. We have stopped planning ahead very far, just making music and wondering where to go next and what to do."

Norwegian Wood Tracklisting
1. Mou Sukoshi Jibun no Koto, Kichinto Shitaino - Jonny Greenwood 4:22
2. Sougen, Kaze, Zoukibayashi - Jonny Greenwood 1:37
3. Mary, Mary So Contrary - Can 6:23
4. Mata Aini Kuru kara Ne - Jonny Greenwood 4:36
5. Toki no Senrei wo Uketeinai mono wo Yomuna - Jonny Greenwood 1:50
6. Reiko - Jonny Greenwood 2:38
7. Bring Me Coffee Or Tea - Can 6:49
8. Naoko ga Shinda - Jonny Greenwood 3:41
9. Iiko Dakara Damattete - Jonny Greenwood 2:22
10. Ate mo Naku Aruki Mawatta - Jonny Greenwood 1:52
11. Quartertone Bloom - Jonny Greenwood 2:55
12. Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone (from Cream) - Can 3:41
13. Watashi wo Toru Toki wa Watashi Dake wo Totte Ne- Jonny Greenwood 4:01
14. Hageshii Genchou - Jonny Greenwood 4:36

Here is a sample from the album - Mata Aini Kuru kara Ne

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