Friday, March 18, 2011

MONA - Teenager

To be currently touring with both Kings of Leon and Morrissey some people have to think you might be somewhat of a big deal. Mona are from Nashville and 'Teenager is the third single from the 4 piece band. Their debut self-titled album is set to release May 17th I believe (May 16th overseas).

Mona's Tracklisting
1 Cloak And Dagger
2 Listen To Your Love
3 Teenager
4 Lines In The Sand
5 Taboo Lights
6 Lean Into The Fall
7 Say You Will
8 Shooting The Moon
9 Pavement
10 Trouble On The Way

Also there is to be a 'Listen To Your Lover' EP released on May 9th (UK) and a digital version of the EP will be yours to download from Monday 28th March.

'Listen To Your Lover' EP Tracklisting:
1.'Listen To Your Love' (Rich Costey Mix)
2.'Brick Shoes'
3.'The Tally'
4.'Trouble On The Way' (Piano Version)

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