Thursday, March 10, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs Part 2 - Released March 19th, 2011?

I am as big a Radiohead fan as anyone, I am also no detective but I have been having alot of fun with the release of the new album The King Of Limbs. I am going to refer to
quite a bit with writing this post. The owner of the site is Josh and you can follow him at twitter @MeToSpeak. He has put in a lot of hard work on this subject and I am not trying to take anything away from him just add to the debate as well.

He recently published a post titled "Hidden message in Radiohead photo…" which I have made comments on and has really got me thinking.

Another idea that just came to me. Chieftan Mews Tweet on Feb 23rd “Do not beware ye Ides of March as all the footage shall disappear by then. My trail in the woods leads to a lost love letter. Written by me.”

Now go back and look at the picture it shows Ed pointing at a TRAIL. You mentioned earlier on one of your post.
5. If you stick to the Greek theme, Thom, Jonny, Colin, and Phil become the Greek letters – λιτλ
6. Google translates λιτλ into “Little”
7. Could Ed’s shape represent a crescent moon? semi moon/ims menoo?

So maybe we are being told by Ed (AKA CheiftanMews or whatever), that there is going to be a trail to follow leading up to the full release of TKOL’s. You look in the picture again and there clearly is a trail and the way the picture is taken it leads you along that trail to something. Also when he says 'lost love letter' that could be the finish product aka “The first Ever Newspaper album”?.

here is the picture from the

Another thing I find interesting about this picture is at the bottom it is that white or coloured line that comes in and out. At first I thought it was just snow or something but not so sure about that now since I can’t really see any snow anywhere else, plus there is somewhat of a colour to it.

Not sure the significance of it but just thought it was always odd with the rest of the photo. Kind of reminded me some kind of a movie reel type of thing like the exposure is going out as it leads you to the next reel bit.

Just like I am sure there are more parts to TKOL’s I believe there are also more parts to this photo shoot. It is a very dark photo and maybe the next one could be a bright one and that is why the colour at the bottom is turning brighter. I dunno.

So let me break it down, @chieftanMews (is really Thom) and he is saying essentially Follow the trail in the woods to a lost love letter (which is the second part to TKOL’s album). Shows this by having Ed point to the trail and the "Love Letter" at the end of the trail. Next the release would be on the next Full Moon, which is March 19th. This is how I would break down the Sebastian Edge photo. It is all just in good fun, but it is amazing at all the clues out there and the sneakiness of each of them. There is nothing obvious that jumps out at you just casual things that make you wonder and think.

It is almost like Radiohead are leaving bread crumbs along the way leading up to the full release of The King of Limbs. It is not even just about the music anymore for these guys it is a whole game or a new art form they are creating. I feel that when the official release of The King of Limbs comes out on May 9th we all deserve a T-shirt just like in the 1997 Michael Douglas movie 'The Game'.

Happy Birthday Eh!


  1. 'It is not even just about the music anymore for these guys it is a whole game or a new art form they are creating.'

    its the art of imagination

  2. Chieftan Mews is Stanley / Nigel, not Thom.

  3. That could be true might just be all in everyones imagination that thinks there is more music on the way. I definitely wouldn't bet against the idea though.

    As far as who is chieftain mews well it could be anyone but seems strongly that it is someone close to the band if not part of the band.

    Just good fun and some long shot speculation I suppose but why not?