Monday, March 28, 2011

Radiohead - The Universal Sigh - Extra Extra Google Search All About It

So the day is here for this much talked about Radiohead Newspaper (Not the same one that you had to pre-order). The Universal Sigh is now everywhere you look online. To get a physical copy of this you had to live in one of the 61 major city locations that were picked by the band. Well living in SLC, UT I was not so lucky and I am sure a lot of others are in the same situation. The Newspaper doesn't actually hit USA and Canada until tomorrow but still not really possible for me to go and pick up a physical copy of the Newspaper. If you need a copy of the newspaper right now and can't make it to any of the major city locations, our friends over at One Thirty BPM have it all over there. You can read it on their site or download it PDF style.

Thom Yorke Handing out The Universal Sigh in London

That was an awesome story about having shy old Thom Yorke handing out The Universal Sigh personally out in London. Stanley Donwood was also handing out copies of the Newspaper. Thom was infront of two Universal Sigh billboards that read "All Can Become Normal Again" and "It's What Keeps Me Alive". Check out for all the pictures of fans all over the world grabbing their own personal copy of The Universal Sigh. I have not read the whole thing yet but will do so here shortly. It is another fun day to be a Radiohead fan. For some additional reading check out my good friend Josh's post The 'Universal Sigh has arrived..' over at and also get yourself over to twitter and search the tweets with the #theuniversalsigh

The Universal Sigh is a 13-page paper, featuring articles by Robert Macfarlane called 'Tree Climbing', another article titled 'Sell Your House' by Stanley Donwood, and one by Jay Griffiths 'Forests Of The Mind' along with several artwork pieces and lots of different lyrics, scribblings and ideas about some of the songs on The King of Limbs.

Here is in London with the release of The Universal Sigh

If you think this song won't be released with in the near future with all this Radiohead commotion, you would have to be silly.


  1. Oh, my God. I would lose myself if I got to get my picture taken with Thom Yorke. Thanks for posting the video!

  2. Yeah that is way cool that he personally handed out copies of the Newspaper. It would be a chance in a lifetime to meet him that way.