Thursday, March 24, 2011

Radiohead - The Universal Sigh - Newspaper

So it looks like Monday things will start to stir up once again in the whole Radiohead The King of Limbs conspiracies. It has been leaked out early that there will be a Newspaper titled "The Universal Sigh" which will be given away for free on Monday in certain major cities throughout the world.

The Universal Sigh is a name of a project Stanley Donwood is working on now, and it is related to The King of Limbs. It has been mentioned in articles on Polish and Greek websites, announcing upcoming events related to The King of Limbs. So far, three cities have been selected for giveaway of special Radiohead newspapers unique in each city: Athens, Greece; Warsaw, Poland; Mexico City, Mexico. There should be alot more cities announced in the next couple of days, from all over the world. Fans are suppose to be photographed with their copy of the newspaper and then their photo will appear on

The Universal Sigh is a 12-page newspaper that is produced by the band, and a promo copy of it was sold on ebay for $60
Here is the description from the Ebay ad "This is a copy of the Universal Sigh promo newspaper given by Radiohead to promote their The King Of Limbs.
Along with this you will be given a coupon with a unique code and what you can do with it.
Standard tabloid size, 12 pages, this will be sent folded in half."

The seller of this auction was from Athens, Greece. What I found interesting about this was the part about having a "coupon with a unique code and what you can do with it". So far only Greece and Poland have been announced. For more details and discussion head over to

It all kind of makes you think that the codes will unlock something.....say a website or a link to some additional song downloads, or maybe just pictures and more clues. The nice thing about all of this though is the fact that on Monday we might actually get to hear from the band and get a little bit more details in these 12 pages.

As for the lyrics to TKOL first song 'Bloom' check the first of the song out...
"Open your mouth wide
A universal sigh
And while the ocean blooms
It's what keeps me alive
So why does this still hurt
Don't blow your mind with why"

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