Monday, March 21, 2011

Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs: Artwork & Credits

check out the guys over at They have a pre-released copy of The King of Limbs. The cd is housed in a 4-page wallet, with the actual cd in a slit on the right side. On the left page you can see 8 illustrations accompanied by the following titles; Roots Of Roots, Ragnorok, Urpflanze, The King Of Limbs, Codex, Axis Mundi, Yggdrasil and Arbor Philosophica.

So what does all this mean? Well your guess is as good as mine, but it does make for some fun debating and speculation. What I found most interesting was the fact that 2 of the titles "The King of Limbs" and "Codex" we have both already heard before. The King of Limbs being the title of the lastest record, and Codex being a song from that record. Now with the back artwork and the split up of the 8 songs - 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, does this mean that The King of Limbs is actually 2 seperate EP's? One being The King of Limbs and the other being Codex? And if this is the case do we have 6 more EP's coming, with the following titles Roots Of Roots, Ragnorok, Urpflanze, Axis Mundi, Yggdrasil and Arbor Philosophica? Makes you wonder now doesn't it?

Again I am a big believer that "the world's first* Newspaper Album" and "Radiohead's new record, The King Of Limbs" are not the same thing. That TKOL is just a part of the Newspaper Album. It is stated so right here on the presale

Also here are the credits:
The music and sounds of The King Of Limbs were conjured up by Radiohead and Nigel Godrich. The imagery was summoned up by Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain. Engineered and mixed by Nigel Godrich. Additional engineering by Drew Brown. Additional assistance by Darrell Thorp and Bryan Cooke. Flugelhorn on Bloom and Codex performed by Noel Langley and Yazz Ahmed. Strings on Codex performed by The London Telefilmonic Orchestra, led by Levine Andrale and conducted by Robert Ziegler. Mastered by Robert C. Ludwig at Gateway Mastering & DVD. Also thanks to Peter Yozell, and Neil Whitcher. Studio equipment etc., kept going by Plank. Ourselves kept going by Kat and Tim. And our office! A big thank you very much indeed to Drew Barrymore. This one’s for new Henry, Zohar and all our little ones. Hello Guys

The King of Limbs is released on Tuesday, March 29th here in the USA via XL Recordings.


  1. It says the king of limbs is presented AS the worlds first newspaper you're wrong. Very disappointed with the album I must say.

  2. I still believe 'ALBUM' and 'RECORD' are two different things here. There will be more then 8 total songs.

    If you think this is NOT over, then you are RIGHT

  3. Years ago i was fascinated to discover some CDs had hidden tracks in the pre-gap (before track 1)... first thing i did today was search back from 'Bloom' to see if they'd hidden another entire album in the pre-gap. Sadly not, but i still have a feeling an unconventional surprise is on the way...

  4. Scott,
    Yeah so many theories out there on what may become but still nothing. At least we will get Supercollider/The Butcher.