Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing REVIEW

Ever since hearing Hometowns and the haunting sounds of 'Don't Haunt This Place' and 'Drain The Blood' I have been totally on board with RAA. Departing was an album I was drooling about before it was even released. Hearing the early tracks of 'Stamp' and 'Tornado 87' I was very impressed and couldn't wait for the full release.

'Two Lovers' is the opening song and it offers some pounding guitars mixed with a unique voice, and mellow keyboards bringing out a strong song. 'The Breakup' has a great drum intro that really sets a tone for what is to come later on. 'Under The Knife' and 'Muscle Relaxants' both offer as good poppy songs with sounds of bells chirping in.  'North Star' may just be the sweetest and most sincere song from The Rural Alberta Advantage, it is really the lone complete chill out song on the album. 'Stamp' is just that a Stamper it is a fierce power jolt all in just over 3 minutes.

'Tornado 87' is a nice back to back companion for Stamp putting a lot of the meat right in the middle of the album. I would describe Tornado 87 as a fierce beautiful mess of solid awesomeness. 'Barnes Yard' and 'Coldest Days' are a little less intense and have a real poppy feel to them. Finally to close the album 'Good Night' has the perfect name and to go along with that the perfect sounds. I love how the vocals are portrayed in this song and how it starts off as a sweet little acoustic jam.

Departing is a lot more poppy then Hometowns, and that was the first thing I noticed while listening. It has a little less edge to it and a little more smoother tone to it. Nils Edenlogg's voice is something magical and not something you find in every other band out there today. His voice really sets this band apart and makes them the unique sound that they are. There are a lot of powerful upbeat songs on this album and they are accompanied by some soothing background vocals and sounds. It all meshes together quite well with each song being very complete and direct, it is a solid listen.

Departing Track Listing
1. Two Lovers 3:23
2. The Breakup 3:17
3. Under the Knife 3:35
4. Muscle Relaxants 2:55
5. North Star 3:06
6. Stamp 3:08
7. Tornado '87 3:48
8. Barnes' Yard 2:24
9. Coldest Days 3:08
10. Good Night 4:05

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado '87 by ObscureSound

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