Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sebastian Edge - Radiohead Photos - Could it be a puzzle?

“@sebastianedge: Waiting for the sun to turn the other way”

Look at the right side of this picture. See the whiteness or blue tone on it? It is just the same as the original picture with the band it had that same whiteness/blue tone on the bottom of the picture.

I think that there is a set of pictures that all go together (8 pictures) . Actually 9 pictures because there is one right in the middle that is in color or all white/blue of some sort. It would have 3 on the top (with the original band picture the second one over), now this picture would be the fourth picture in the set on the left side of the ‘White/Blue’ middle picture.

This is just a thought but that middle picture could be the center artwork for The Newspaper album and it would be surrounded by 8 other pictures. (3 on the top, one on the left, one on the right, and 3 on the bottom).

It also could only be 4 other pictures leaving out the pictures in each of the corners. I know this is a long shot but ever since I saw that original band photo I thought there was something strange about the bottom of the picture with the light whiteness or blue tone.

I think there is a whole set of these photos, and hey 8 photos could only add fuel to the fire in the 8 EP talk.

Does anyone else find the whiteness odd? It is now in 2 pictures, there surely must be something to it. It really is just a puzzle that we get to put together one piece at a time.

***Here is an update on 3 pictures so far all having the blue tint, looks like there will be more to come.....pictures anyways that is***


  1. There are three pictures, and yes the third one has the blue tint as well.

  2. http://img856.imageshack.us/i/kolpuzzle.jpg/

  3. Thanks for the link and info. This is no ordinary puzzle to peice together.

  4. No problem, hope it helps, keep up the good work!