Monday, March 7, 2011

The View - Bread and Circuses

One of those bands that just can't seem to be as big over seas. They have a new album coming out March 14th titled Bread and Circuses. For us over on the States side not sure when we will see a US release of this so we it might be more of an import buy unfortunatly. The album is glowing with early reviews and might just be the best of the three albums to date by The View.

Here is a little background on these lads from Scotland via their website.....
"Coming from a background in Dundee, Scotland, The View have come from humble beginnings to assert themselves as a one of the most exciting young rock bands that only happens once in a generation.

Plucked from their somewhat bleak youth training jobs and blasting straight into a number 1 debut album, cash, wealth, fame and infamy in equal doses before their twenties, it’s easy to understand that it’s been an intense and electrifying journey. Recognition as an incredible live band came early."

Bread & Circuses Tracklisting
01. Grace
02. Underneath The Lights
03. Tragic Magic
04. Girl
05. Life
06. Friend
07. Beautiful
08. Blondie
09. Sunday
10. Walls
11. Happy
12. The Best Lasts Forever

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