Friday, March 11, 2011 - Something is going on.....

Here is the screen shot I took from my computer.

And here is the screenshot from Josh over at

So I am hearing that there are alot of different reports that people are getting very different screenshots when the go to www.radiohead.comNot really sure what is going on yet but something weird. I tried logging into the site via my iphone as well and just stayed logged in and watched all the black branches grow and grow and eventually turned everything black. Once everything was black branches started appearing that were white and now all the white is taken over the webpage.

I have to believe that with the new Black to White website that it represents that there is two parts to the album. Black could be The King of Limbs and White could be The Queen of Diamonds? Just a thought...Crazy stuff, I think we are in store for something big here soon.

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