Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dag För Dag - Boo

Dag För Dag are an American/Swedish brother and sister duo, and are coming out with their debut album 'Boo' which is out now via Ceremony Recordings. They have toured in the past with such acts as The Kills Handsome Furs, and Wolf Parade and are now ready to step it up to another level. Here is the link to check out the album on itunes You can check out the song 'Animal' and download it for free
Animal by millionpr

Here is what the band says on their website Dated April 26th, 2011... 26 April: Like a band of gypsy soldiers, we arrive panting and sweating and exhilarated at the day of release, the day our debut album BOO has become available in the wide vast territory of the USA. Having shed our first tears, laughed our first laughs, learned our first words, sang our first songs, stepped our first steps, eaten our first marshmallow fluff, loved our first loves, dreamed our first dreams in American temperatures, we feel absolutely blessed to be given the opportunity to give back a bit of music to our place of beginnings. Like it or not, this is our first stab in the dark, our first powered-up and belted-forth musical moment on record. And as I learned in middle school under a Midwestern sky, the butterflies of my first kiss thrashing around in my stomach alongside a school lunch of mock chicken leg, powdered mashed potatoes and a mini carton of 2% milk, "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." (William Shakespeare)
Thank you for giving us your ears, however briefly or endlessly you may stay.

This is definitely an album I want to look at closer and take a listen to the whole thing, but with hearing Animal and Boxed Up In Pine already  I have already made up my mind that I think it will be well worth my time.
Boo Track Listing:
1 - Boxed Up In Pine
2 - Boo
3 - I Am The Assassin
4 - Hands And Knees
5 - Wouldn't You
6 - Silence As The Verb
7 - Seven Stories
8 - Light On Your Feet
9 - Traffic Jam
10- The Leather Of Your Boots
11- Animal
12- Came In Like A Knife
13- Ring Me, Elise
14- Cry, Cry

Here is the first song off the album 'Boxed Up In Pine'
Dag för Dag - Boxed Up In Pine by Ceremony

Friday, April 29, 2011

Top 15 Albums Of My Lifetime

This list is just based on my own personal taste in music and what I have loved over the past 15 or so years. These are albums that I can honestly listen to from start to finish and never want to skip a song to get to the next one.

1 - Radiohead - The Bends
2 - Travis - The Man Who
3 - The Verve - Urban Hymns
4 - Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory
5 - The Strokes - Is This It
6 - Radiohead - OK Computer
7 - Coldplay - Parachutes
8 - The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
9 - Doves - The Last Broadcast
10 - Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
11 - Sigur Ros - (Untitled)
12 - Arcade Fire - Funeral
13 - Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight
14 - The National - High Violet
15 - Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Feed The Fish

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Donkeys - Born With Stripes REVIEW

The new album 'Born With Stripes' is actually the third release from the 4-piece band from San Diego, CA. The album was just released this week via Dead Oceans and has shown the bands growth since their self-titled debut as well as their second LP 'Living On The Other Side'. They have a candid resemblance to something you would see and hear living in the 1970's. Heavy influenced by bands such as Pavement, Byrds, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and the Eagles. I also noticed some Greatful Dead noise in the mix with even a little Jeff Tweety vocally in there as well.

Born With Stripes is a 12 song album and one that is worth listening to from start to finish offering very few filler type of songs. The first two songs 'Don't Know Who We Are' and 'I Like The Way You Walk' start the album out with a chill and upbeat - sit back and relax type of sound. They both catch your attention from the start and really make you wonder how this is being released in the year 2011. 'Bloodhound' is nothing new or fancy it is a song that shows off a band jamming to that classic rock feel and sound. 'Born With Stripes' is the 4th song on the album and it was somewhat of a foot stomper to me, really enjoyed the beat in this song.

"We're laid-back dudes," said keyboardist Anthony Lukens in a phone interview from Jeff Ignatius over at RCReader... "We try to make it sound like nothings contrived or rushed. So I would probably take that as a compliment if something sounded, maybe, effortless would be a nicer way to say it. ... We're hardly lazy. ... We're definitely relaxed dudes. It takes us long time to get from Point A to Point B, because we're going to hang out and talk about it for a long time."

'Kaleidoscope' and 'New Blue Stockings' both have that dreamy/spacey/chill vibe throughout the tunes that really goes along with the 70's references. The most modern sound out of the 12 songs I heard was from 'Oxblood' It had that modern sound and is really a fun song. 'Bullfrog Blues' is a decent song and is very low key and it sets up the following song 'Valerie' very nicely which is probably the slowest jam on the album.

Overall I was very pleased with what I heard from Born With Stripes and I would recommend this album to anyone. It is very Americana sounding, and is more of 70's classic rock for the year 2011. It really is a nice change of pace from all the current indie offerings in the world of music. The message I received from Born with Stripes was simple -- Screw being a modern day Hipster - it's time to bring back being a Hippie.

Born With Stripes Track Listing:
1. Don't Know Who We Are
2. I Like The Way You Walk
3. Bloodhound
4. Born With Stripes
5. Kaleidoscope
6. West Coast Raga
7. New Blue Stockings
8. Ceiling Tan
9. Oxblood
10. Bullfrog Blues
11. Valerie
12. East Coast Raga

Here are the first two songs from Born With Stripes 'Don't Know Who We Are' and 'I Like The Way You Walk'
"Don't Know Who We Are" by The Donkeys by deadoceans

"I Like The Way You Walk" by The Donkeys by deadoceans

You can visit The Donkeys official Website and pick up these songs as free downloads along with a few others from the bands previous 2 albums.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These New Puritans – Hologram (Live at Hidden Live Berlin)

These New Puritans have released two albums on Domino/Angular Records, 2008's 'Beat Pyramid' and 2010's 'Hidden'.

The group performed various 'Hidden Live' shows at the end of last year across Europe, featuring a 14-piece orchestra and a children's choir. The shows were conducted by Andre de Ridder (Monkey : Journey To The West, Philharmonia, BBC Symphony Orchestra) and included, amongst others, sold out shows at The Barbican, London and The Pompidou Centre in Paris.

This film is the encore from 'Hidden Live : Berlin' (Hebbel Am Ufer), featuring 'Irreversible' and 'En Papier' reworked.

Head over to These New Puritans website and snag a free Download of Hologram performed live at Hidden Live Berlin. These guys are really remarkable live, and it shows why Hidden was in my top albums of 2010.

The Strokes - Clampdown (live at t in the park 2004)

Here are The Strokes back in 2004 doing a cover of the classic Clash song 'Clampdown'. The band rarely puts out B-sides or covers of any sort so for them to play a Clash cover is a bit of a treat.

It now looks as if The Strokes are back in the studio to already start working on the follow up to Angles. “The best thing we can do right now is put out another one really quick,” Julian Casablancas said last month. “I definitely think there will be a fifth Strokes album.” I have also heard rumours that the band are in a contract to put out 5 albums - maybe they are just wanting to rush through it and get #5 out there so they can pack it in and focus on their solo careers. Angles still feels like a bit of a failure to me and one that lacked a lot of chemistry within the band.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Jezabels - Dark Storm EP REVIEW

The Jezabels are a quartet from Sydney, Australia. They first caught my attention with the song 'Disco Biscuit Love' which was honestly stuck in my head for weeks. That song was from the EP The Man is Dead, and since then the band has released an additional EP titled 'Dark Storm'. They now have 3 differently EP's released without even a proper album. Well from their official website they state that "We're currently recording for our debut full length due out later 2011".

Also from their Bio on their website... The Jezabels’ new EP, Dark Storm. The third and final release in a trilogy of EPs that began with 2009’s The Man Is Dead, its five songs represent the band’s most confident outing to date – moody, mysterious and epic, yet buzzing with the quartet’s ever-present knack for an irresistible pop hook. Not that writing it was an easy process.

“We had a bit of writer’s block,” offers Mary. “We were all stressing and being passive-aggressive, and then someone said, ‘I’m really worried that this isn’t going to be like Hurt Me!’ It was as obvious as that. And we were all like, ‘Yeah, me too!’ As soon as it was said, it was a lot better. We decided to write whether we had a single or not. We realised we can’t function in that way.”

Until we hear their debut album later this year we will have to settle for the 3 EP's. The latest EP 'Dark Storm was released back in October, 2010 and is truly an EP in every sense. When I think of EP's I think of a collection of a few songs, songs that are good but no real single out of the bunch. Dark Storm is just that, it is a collection of 5 really steady songs, with not one song being better then the other.

The first song 'Dark Storm' is a steady opener, giving us a great guitar intro and then leading us to some vocals that take over. 'Mace Spray' is next and it really goes hand and hand with the opener, very consistent with some strong vocals. 'Sahara Mahala' offers a great drum intro, and is a very well balanced and softer type of song. 'A Little Piece' had me reminded of another artists that I couldn't quite figure out and still can't. It has quite a bit of up and down - high and low notes that mix up the song. The last song 'She's So Hard' has a piano intro mixed with haunting vocals that steals the show.

Overall I felt that this was a pretty decent EP offering incredible vocals from vocalist Hayley Mary, and backed with a band that plays well together. The Jezabels are a band that have potential to rock the indie world with some sweet little songs. Look for their debut album later this year and in the meantime be sure to check out the 3 EP's.

Dark Storm Track Listing:
01. Dark Storm
02. Mace Spray
03. Sahara Mahala
04. A Little Piece
05. She's So Hard

Mace Spray by thejezabelsband

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Music - Ghost Hands

Free download single available from the band's website from 4/21/11. Sad for me to see these guys split up and go their separate ways. I have always liked their music and think they have alot to offer to all music fans. 'Ghost Hands' is their final download and basically a Thank You to all the fans out there. This is what lead singer Robert Harvey had to say about the song... "We love the track and it just seemed a shame to leave it gathering dust for ever. It's good to go out with something positive and new and we think it deserves to see the light of day. Hopefully the fans will agree - again we want to thank everyone who's been with us on this journey and look forward to celebrating an amazing ten years this summer."

Below is what was posted on The Music's official website in regards to the split up of the band...

After 10 years, three albums and some unforgettable live performances, The Music have announced a series of final shows in Japan and England before going their separate ways at the end of this Summer.

The Music formed in Kippax near Leeds in 1999 after attending high school together and came to prominence in 2002 with the release of their hugely acclaimed eponymous debut album. Their song "The People" was a radio hit throughout the world and saw them tour extensively throughout Europe, America, Australia as well as numerous trips to Japan, where the band enjoyed a great rapport with a fervent and loyal fanbase. Two further albums followed, 2004's "Welcome To The North" and 2008's "Strength In Numbers". Over the last decade, the band have played main stages at every major festival from Fuji Rock to Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Reading/Leeds and Big Day Out, sell out shows throughout the world and gained a reputation as an incendiary live band. All good things though, come to an end, and The Music have decided that it's the right moment for them to call time on the band and start new chapters in their musical careers, but not before one last batch of shows to thank the people who have supported the band throughout their careers so far and go out on an absolute high.

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues ALBUM STREAM

Fleet Foxes’ highly anticipated second album Helplessness Blues is out 5/3 via Sub Pop. This is an album that has already been leaked across the Internet and lead singer Robin Pecknold is just fine with that insisting that he wishes everyone could listen to it already. Well if you were one of the patient ones like me and waited for the album to have its physical release you can stream the whole album a week early over at NPR.

The early praises of this album are that it is a folky/indie gem and maybe the best of the year. After my first listen of the entire album I can hear why the praise is so high for Helplessness Blues - it really is some magical indie sounds.

Helplessness Blues Track Listing:
1."Montezuma" – 3:37
2."Bedouin Dress" – 4:30
3."Sim Sala Bim" – 3:14
4."Battery Kinzie" – 2:49
5."The Plains/Bitter Dancer" – 5:54
6."Helplessness Blues" – 5:03
7."The Cascades" – 2:08
8."Lorelai" – 4:25
9."Someone You'd Admire" – 2:29
10."The Shrine/An Argument" – 8:07
11."Blue-Spotted Tail" – 3:05
12."Grown Ocean" – 4:36

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Morning Benders - Oh Annie

The Morning Benders just posted this new song over on their blog at tumblr "My only regret with ‘Big Echo’ is that this song wasn’t on it. I wrote it after watching Annie Hall for the 100th time. It’s called “Oh Annie.”


Always good to hear some new tunes from a class act like The Morning Benders, and Big Echo was jammed packed with good tunes so not surprising that this song is right along side of it.  Goes along as a nice little Easter Song to I suppose.

Oh Annie by The Morning Benders

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foster The People - Torches

Foster The People are one of the bands I have had my eye on for awhile now. Here is the new artwork and the tracklist for their debut album Torches which is due out May 24th (US) via StarTime International/Columbia. Now you can also pre-order copies of the album from their website here. All the pre-orders come with a digital download of their earlier released EP (all 3 songs on the EP are posted below).

Torches Tracklisting:
1.Helena Beat
2.Pumped Up Kicks
3.Call It What You Want
4.Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop)
6.I Would Do Anything For You
8.Life On The Nickel
9.Miss You

Houdini by Foster The People

Helena Beat by Foster The People

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

Friday, April 22, 2011

Matthew Good - Non Populus

The new Matt Good album Lights of Endangered Species comes out May 31st. If you head over to itunes now you can preorder the album and grab a free itunes exclusive track 'Darling'. Check in over at Matt's official website for updates on the new album. Below is the first listen to one of the albums tracks 'Non Populus' along with it you can listen to 'In A Place of Lesser Men'.

1 Extraordinary Fades
2 How It Goes
3 Shallow's Low
4 What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred?
5 Zero Orchestra
6 Non Populus
7 In A Place Of Lesser Men
8 Set Me On Fire
9 Lights Of Endangered Species

Itunes Exclusive

Lights Of Endangered Species by Matthew Good

And Finally here is a Demo of 'Darling'

Grouper - Heavy Water (I'd Rather Be Sleeping)

Despite the name 'Grouper' it is actually the work of a single individual, Portland Oregon's Liz Harris. She has been around since 2005 under the Grouper name bringing some emotional dreamy type of songs. Harris' music is a mixture of softly-strummed guitar, Wurlitzer keys, and delicate vocals. Reverb and tape delay effects are used widely throughout Harris' recordings.

This song Heavy Water (I'd Rather Be Sleeping) comes from the 2008 album 'Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill' which was actually her third album. I admit I just now stumbled across Grouper's Music and first time hearing this song it some how hypnotized me, and reeled me in. Here is what NBC Washington’s “Concert Picks” column said of Grouper, ”The ambient one-woman post-rock band Grouper also makes this show a must-see Liz Harris’ spooky, ethereal and surreal sounds are based on her acoustic, often avant-garde guitar plucking and her quiet, hazy vocals. The minor key melodies are pretty despite a suspenseful nightmare quality.”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave REVIEW

I have always been a big fan of The Raveonettes and their unique raw sound. That raw type of sound they have is really the friendliest kind of a raw sound that you will ever come across. The Danish Duo really have a good chemistry that shows throughout their career in their music.

Raven In The Grave starts off with 'Recharge and Revolt' which is the longest song on the album. It really is an awesome song and introduces Raven In The Grave as a mix of friendly, relaxing, and soothing sounds. Next is 'War In Heaven' and it takes a turn to more of an edgy/dark/mysterious/sad type of song. Next is the first single 'Forget That You're Young' which really is a nice paced little song that is very chill.

'Apparitions' is back to that darker feel, and kept my attention at first listen. The next two songs 'Summer Moon' and 'Let Me Out' both have that classic Raveonettes sound to them. How to explain "That Classic Raveonettes Sound" you would have to take a listen to them and you would understand what I mean. Summer Moon was a definite highlight on the album for me, it really captured my attention.

The album continues with 'Ignite' which is a fast paced song full of great guitar riffs. 'Evil Seeds' is more of a reflection type of song and the highlight for me was at around the 3:25 minute mark which the guitar sound takes it away. This 9 song album closes with a sweet little number titled 'My Times Up' which is very fitting.

Over all Raven In The Grave shows off what The Raveonettes continue to do so well which is to create an incredible raw and edgy rock sound that is unique in its own right. This is an album I can see being in my top albums of 2011 and one that I will continue to listen too and not just throw it back on the shelf.

Raven In The Grave Track Listing:
01. Recharge and Revolt
02. War In Heaven
03. Forget That You're Young
04. Apparitions
05. Summer Moon
06. Let Me On Out
07. Ignite
08. Evil Seeds
09. My Times Up

Here is Forget That You're Young to listen and download
The Raveonettes - Forget That You're Young by AndamosArmados

Here is one of the highlights off of the album for me 'Recharge and Revolt' pretty awesome video as well.

Papermaps - Reunion

From Their Profile on Soundcloud:

The four members of Toronto band Papermaps ― Dean Marino, Wendy Leung, Todd Harrison and Bobby Lee ― have a lot in common. For one thing, they’re all left-handed. And they were all “gifted kids” in school, which means that people have long been asking them what went wrong on their gilded path to respectable, lucrative careers.

Most importantly, though, the members of Papermaps share a love for making “picture-perfect indie power pop,” influenced by bands such as Spoon, Big Star, Television, the Beatles and MGMT. The band’s self-titled was released on April 19, 2011 on Sparks Music.

- Nice sound from this band, I will check on the album soon.

The single "Reunion" is available in iTunes.

02 Reunion by papermaps

New FPT Writer -- Jay Harris

Welcome to my good friend Jay Harris who is living way up there in Ontario, Canada as the newest writer for Fake Plastic Tunes. Jay said he would be willing to write on the blog when ever he has some spare time. He just made his first post 'We Are Augustines - Book of James' which you should check out - Also look for some more posts from him in the near future.

We are long time high school friends and grew up together going to concerts in the Toronto area. Some of the memorable shows I remember are going to see Coldplay just after Parachutes was released and being in the front row of a modest crowd of about 2000 fans. Also I remember seeing The Verve right before the band split up which was incredible as well.

I will be adding a section on the 'About Me' Page for Jay to put a little snippet of himself with his contact info as well. But in the mean time look for 1 or 2 posts a week from him. Thanks for the contribution there Jay, looking forward to some more quality posts and hearing about your music expertize.

Thanks Jay for Helping out

Caribou - Vibration Ensemble (FREE Live Album)

Canadian psych rockers - Caribou have just released a free live album Vibration Ensemble over at Soundcloud.  Vibration Ensemble was recorded in 2009 during a period where Caribou's numbers included Sun Ra Arkestra bandleader Marshall Allen, Four Tet mastermind Kieran Hebden, Koushik, Born Ruffians' Luke Lalonde, five horn players, and four drummers-- a total of 15 people. 

Initially this was only available as a limited edition double-vinyl set, credited to "Caribou Vibration Ensemble Featuring Marshall Allen", and came with a DVD of the show and the ridiculously great cover art you see above. It was only to be available at Caribou shows, not at record stores.

But just this week Dan Snaith said this on twitter about the live album “we’ve decided to give out mp3s of the Caribou Vibration Ensemble record for free”. This is a nice little gesture by the band and shows their love for the music and carries that over to the fans. You can pick up the whole album over at Soundcloud where the band has uploaded the songs and made them available for free.

Vibration Ensemble Tracklist:
01. A Final Warning (09:43)
02. Barnowl (10:40)
03. Brahminy Kite (05:29)
04. Every Time She Turns Round It’s Her Birthday (08:48)
05. Hendrix With Ko (04:31)
06. Melody Day (05:20)
07. Sandy (04:25)
08. Skunks (06:18)

Here is Melody Day from soundcloud for the rest of the album go here
Melody Day by Caribouband

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The National – Exile Vilify

Here is a new track from the God's of Indie rock themselves titled 'Exile Vilify' This National track comes from the new videogame Portal 2’s soundtrack. It is truly hard to find a bigger American Indie Rock band in the USA that are bigger than The National right now. They continue to offer nothing but quality music and the same is true with this new track 'Exile Vilify'. Head over to Stereogum for a free download of the track.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Are Augustines - Book of James

The first guest post for me is admittedly a band I knew very little about. However after a confident and passionate live showing last night at Toronto's legendary Horseshoe Tavern, I think they had made an effective impact with their short set. The NYC band felt at great ease at the venue, maybe being at the same intersection of producer Dave Newfeld's indie famous 'Stars and Suns' studio had something to do with it. This track was actually recorded about 2 hours away in Newfeld's new studio located in a church in Prince Edward County, Ontario. "Book of James" is a very personal track about singer Bill McCarthy's brother Jim, who committed suicide after a troubled life of drugs and mental illness. There is a great story on the band's website regarding the track and it's conception. Hard to say where things are headed for 'We Are Augustines', but I'm interested to find out. The debut album "Rise Ye Sunken Ships" is due out in June.

(Also check out the video for 'Chapel Song' on YouTube)

Santogold & Karen O - Go

Here is a new song from Santogold which features Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Santogold is set to have her new album released sometime at the end of 2011. They both team up pretty well together and bring out a dynamic combo with some irry sounds.

City Reign - Daybreak

City Reign are a Manchester based band that are filled with potential. Listening to the new single 'Daybreak' you can hear a talent that is just begging to get its big break. Definitely has a good vibe and one that is also very direct and catchy at the same time. 'Daybreak' is the bands 3rd single and is set to be released May 9th on their independent label Car Boot Records.

The song writing pair Chris Bull (Vocals/Guitar) and Michael Grice (Guitar) met four years ago at a Ryan Adams concert, having both recently moved north from London. Having spent years writing and playing in bands going nowhere, the two met Michael Glaze (Bass) and Sam Jones (Drums) to complete the new line up. The band took the name from the Adams song, ‘City Rain, City Streets’.

Lead singer and lyricist Chris Bull says this about Daybreak... “it’s probably the song we’ve been most proud of. We always enjoy playing it live, as it has that typically youthful conflict between despair and restless hopefulness. The harmonies in the outro really capture that feeling that there’s always something else to reach for, even when you don’t know exactly what it is.”

Check out the song below and grab the free download, it is well worth the time to download.

Daybreak by cityreign

Monday, April 18, 2011

Arcade Fire - Culture War & Speaking In Tongues

Arcade Fire are set to release 2 unreleased tracks 'Culture War' & 'Speaking In Tongues' as part of a deluxe edition of The Suburbs. Also included with the deluxe edition is a Spike Jonze film titled 'Scenes From The Suburbs' which shows a behind the scenes type of documentary. Both of the unreleased songs are from the same sessions that brought us The Suburbs. Zane Lowe left this tweet over at Twitter "New Arcade Fire songs are 'Speaking In Tongues' and 'Culture War'. First play w. us May 23. R1." So for a first listen you will have to wait until May 23rd and for the full release of the Deluxe Album the release date is set for June 27th overseas and most likely the following day in North America.

Here are a couple of trailers and clips from the upcoming 'Scenes From The Suburbs' Film.

Here is the first two listens for the two new songs (via LBYB)
Arcade Fire - Culture War by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Arcade Fire - Speaking In Tongues by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Supercollider / The Butcher FREE DOWNLOADS

So all the crappy versions of Supercollider and The Butcher were all over the internet over Record Store Day weekend. Well today you can go over to and get the songs free of charge if you purchased either the Newspaper Album or the Digital only versions of The King of Limbs. They are offered as a free download. And again having these 2 songs linked to TKOL album the speculation starts up. Also don't forget the Supercollider/The Butcher 12″ will be available in the US and Canada on June 14.

Is Tropical - The Greeks

Crazy to think that Is Tropical haven't even dropped their debut album yet. They have so many tunes just floating around over the Internet it seems like they have been around for a while now. Truth is their first full album will be out in a couple of more months. The debut albums title is 'Native To', which is being released on June 13th on the Kitsune/Co-Op record labels overseas. I have yet to confirm a North America release date. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for if you haven't already done so.

Is Tropical - The Greeks by The Recommender

Here is another tune from Is Tropical 'South Pacific'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You REVIEW

The Naked and Famous full debut album 'Passive Me, Aggressive You' was released last month via Universal Records. This was an album and band that alot of people have been buzzing about for sometime now. The hit song 'Young Blood' sure got my attention and gave me the chills right up there with the likes of MGMT and Passion Pit.

The album starts out with the song 'All of This' featuring some fun poppy sounds and nothing really too fancy. Punching In A Dream is next in line and it delivers with some big fun sounds, perfect for all year round (screw just a summer song). It is the type of song that smacks you in the face and tells you to do something with your life, but in a good way. 'Frayed' and 'The Source' have more of a feel of filler material and the Source is more of an intro into 'The Sun' which is a darker and probably the most serious of all the songs on the album.

The song 'Eyes' is a bright and fuzzy slower jam that really works well at keeping you happy and upbeat. 'Young Blood' is definitely one of the big hits off of the album and is very catchy and is a serious Pop Fest that instantly brings MGMT to mind. The next 5 songs are all decent but there is nothing there that really makes you want to go to and re listen to it. The closer 'Girls Like You' is a good album finisher and really is 6+ minutes of fun fun fun.

Overall I found Passive Me, Aggressive You to be a fun filled album and one that I would play over again when I just wanted to relax and not have to worry about anything serious in life. There was a lot of filler in the album and at 13 songs maybe it could have been more of a 10 song album, but there was some key songs that just are sing along types that get stuck inside your head. If I was to give this album a score I would put it at about a 7 out of 10. Punching In A Dream and Young Blood are jams that you want to listen to and really tease you for more songs along the same type which just aren't abundant here.

Passive Me, Aggressive You Track Listing
1. All Of This 3:55
2. Punching In A Dream 3:58
3. Frayed 3:46
4. The Source 0:48
5. The Sun 3:56
6. Eyes 4:43
7. Young Blood 4:06
8. No Way 5:30
9. Spank 4:10
10. Jilted Lovers 3:16
11. A Wolf In Geek's Clothing 3:14
12. The Ends 1:49
13. Girls Like You 6:04

The Naked and Famous - Punching In A Dream by Skeet Beatz

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frankie & The Heartstrings - That Postcard

Here is the new single from Frankie & The Heartstrings' debut album 'Hunger' released 9 May on Pop Sex Ltd. This album has been one of my favourites so far in 2011. This is a great song and you can see why it is the next single off of the album. Also the video is pretty darn funny as well.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Heartbreaks - Jealous, Don't You Know

The new single by The Heartbreaks 'Jealous, Don't You Know' is out on April 25th over seas and they are releasing an exclusive 7" for Record Store Day. The Heartbreaks are a band that may never hit it big over here in the States and to me that is right up my alley. I love these guys and am excited to see what they bring to the music scene in the next few years. The Heartbreaks won the Manchester Evening News award for best new band in 2009. They are heavily influenced by Morrissey and Marr.

Here is the official video for The Heartbreaks third single "Jealous, Don't You Know" - Directed by J G Harding. It is such a cool video shoot and really brings the song a whole new meaning.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Radiohead - The Butcher

Consequence of Sound have the first full listen of Radiohead's The Butcher. Or you can just check out the version on Youtube same version and quality. Goes along nicely with These Are My Twisted Words and The King of Limbs album. Looking forward to hearing an even better version in the next couple of days. Of course this is only released for Record Store Day and is limited to 2000 vinyl copies. I am sure Radiohead will have the downloads available shortly after as well.

Here is the post Radiohead put on Dead Air Space today...

Record Store Day
You may have heard that tomorrow we will be releasing two tracks, Supercollider and The Butcher on 12" vinyl through participating stores for Record Store Day.

This vinyl will also available in the USA & Canada on the 14th June.

Unfortunately, due to err…unforeseen circumstances that we didn't foresee, some of the vinyl have the labels on the wrong way around. It is too late to recall the vinyl and stick them on the right way round, so here is a copy of the labels for those of you who wish to download, print, cut out and stick on yourself with pritt stick (other glues are available) thus correcting the error. Or we could just rename the songs.

Apologies for any confusion caused and have a happy Record Store Day.

The King of Limbs is Dead!

Here is NME take on the whole TKOL sequel theory...

Radiohead have said that there will be no sequel to the 'The Kings Of Limbs'. Speaking on BBC 6 Music, guitarist Ed O'Brien said that rumours that the band have a sequel ready to release are incorrect.

Responding to a question about whether the release of new tracks 'Supercollider' and 'The Butcher' on limited-edition vinyl for Record Store Day indicated the band had another album on the way, O'Brien said it did not.

He said: "'The Butcher' is from 'The King Of Limbs' sessions. 'Supercollider' was recorded during that period and finished off after the album came out." He added: "There are songs that we have started, that we never finished, but there's not like seven or eight finished songs waiting in the wings to be released now, or in the autumn."

There had been speculation that the presence of only eight tracks on 'The King Of Limbs' suggested there would be another album, but O'Brien said that "it's just the way the album is sequenced best" and that "40, 41 minutes is the optimum time we feel for a record".


So either Ed O'Brien is the real Chieftan Mews or Radiohead will release additional songs 'SINGLES' in a non-traditional way. It is a sad day hearing that there will be no more songs following The King of Limbs. With all the evidence and hints of additional songs, this is a tough pill to swallow for all of us Radiohead fans. My mind continues to race around trying to think of an excuse or some reason why the band would take 2 months to finally come out and clear the air on the whole conspiracy issues. The only thing I could come up with was how it all started with These Are My Twisted Words – and maybe Ed just has possibly twisted some of his words in this interview? He said No immediate sequel, not no new songs.

Radiohead have said in the past and have shown it with the release of In Rainbows and now The King of Limbs that they are willing to stretch the limits of how music can and will be released. There have been interviews with the band saying that they wanted to get away from the whole traditional way an album is released. This first ever Newspaper ALBUM is suppose to be revolutionary. Well a bunch of artwork, and newspapers does not make it so to me. The way the music is brought to the fan is what the fans care about. With the 2 months of silence they surely got alot of publicity from social media in regards to TKOL album.

To say I am bitter about the end results would be wrong. I really have enjoyed the 2 months of speculation on what might of been. Do I think it is over? Well no I can't say I do until I see the evidence on May 9th when the physical release of The Newspaper ALBUM is released. But as far as what Ed has said in his latest interview yeah it sounds like that is all she wrote.

The King of Limbs has been an amazing ride and Radiohead fans and music fans in general have really had to hold on tight. Well the ride is over, and it is safe to get off the ride and move on. TKOL brought me one of my all time favourite Radiohead songs in 'Codex' and has made my head spin, it was well worth the ride.

Further more Supercollider and The Butcher will be released on Saturday and who can complain about some new tunes. Here is a little clip from youtube with the two songs that has leaked. The quality is awful but still worth a listen I suppose. From what I hear of The Butcher it is pretty special.

Yellow Ostrich - WHALE

Pretty cool track here from Yellow Ostrich's album The Mistress titled "Whale". I know this band has been floating around the music blogging community for sometime now, but I finally took my first listen to it and really liked what I heard. Whale is the second song from the album and is a nice little indie jingle.

The Mistress Tracklist
1. I Think U Are Great
2. Whale
3. Hate Me Soon
4. Hold On
5. Libraries
6. Hahahaohhoho
7. I'll Run
8. Campaign
9. Mary
10. Slow Paddle

Yellow Ostrich - WHALE by snipelondon

You can also head over to their bandcamp page and pick up the download over there.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arcade Fire - City With No Children

'City With No Children' - LYRICS & SONG MEANING

So while we were at the Arcade Fire concert on Monday my best friend, asks a question. It happened during the song 'City With No Children' and the question was "Do They Hate Kids"

So checking over the lyrics again and again and reading online about the meaning of this song I made a few conclusions that I wanted to make with this Best Friend of mine. First off 'City With No Children' is an incredible song, and one that the lyrics do stick out when you are listening to the song. Below I have bolded the lyrics from where this question came up.

I feel like I've been living in
A city with no children in it
A garden left for ruin by and by
As I hide inside
Of my private prison

I went over to and explored some of the various fans comments on this matter. Some of the explanations for this line in the lyrics were:
  • It is a possible reference to The Secret Garden, the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
  • Illusion to the current state of America. America is being ruined by millionaires.
  • People are living their lives as if they are the last generation.
  • A city with no children in it is a city with no future...literally the last generation.
  • I've been living in a city with no future because its being ruined by the rich...No kids = no future.
  • A city with no children is a city with no future. However, the reference to this feeling is less about the external environment (i.e., the city) and more about the singer's internal world as he struggles with his weighty past and disillusionment. As an emerging adult, he is trying to reconcile feelings of adolescent idealism with the stark reality of living in a world that is less than perfect, confusingly ambiguous, and mired in shades of grey.
  • It seems to reference Oscar Wilde's famous children's story "The Selfish Giant".
  • I believe, in my most personal interpretation that the song is talking about people like me and you who spend most of our lives pursuing a career in order to one day hopefully establish and have enough money and live a decent life (almost impossible now a days) and in the way we forget about the nature of humanity in which we meet someone we get married and we have children.
  • The more I listen to this track, and bearing in mind similar references on other tracks (e.g. The Suburbs), the more I think Win Butler is asking (begging?) Regine to give him a child, before, as kidsonbuses intimates, it's too late.

So there you have it from the fans, Personally I believe this song is more about America or The World (Not The Band) and how we are more concerned about our own personal possessions and worldly desires (Greed). And how the rich will ruin the world, and that "A city with no children in it" is just portraying "No Future".

greed = no children = no future

City With No Children Lyrics
The summer that I broke my arm
I waited for your letter
I have no feeling for you now
Now that I know you better

I wish that I could have loved you then
Before our age was through
And before a world war does with us
Whatever it will do

Dreamt I drove home to Houston
On a highway that was underground
There was no light that we could see
As we listened to the sound of the engine failing

I feel like I've been living in
A city with no children in it
A garden left for ruin by a millionaire inside
Of a private prison

You never trust a millionaire
Quoting the sermon on the mount
I used to think I was not like them
But I'm beginning to have my doubts
My doubts about it

When you're hiding underground
The rain can't get you wet
Do you think your righteousness
Can pay the interest on your debt?
I have my doubts about it

I feel like I've been living in
A city with no children in it
A garden left for ruin by a millionaire inside
Of a private prison

I feel like I've been living in
A city with no children in it
A garden left for ruin by and by
As I hide inside
Of my private prison

Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair

The new Arctic Monkeys album comes out on June 7th and here is another track from the album 'Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair'. It goes along with the track we heard earlier 'Brick By Brick' and it is a whole new direction for the band. Some might say that is a bad thing and they want their old Arctic Monkeys back but others realize that a band must evolve with each new album. I will be interested to hear the album as a whole and see if it all compares to the first 2 songs that we have heard.

Suck It And See Track Listing
1. She's Thunderstorms
2. Black Treacle
3. Brick By Brick
4. The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala
5. Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair
6. Library Pictures
7. All My Own Stunts
8. Reckless Serenade
9. Piledriver Waltz
10. Love Is A Laserquest
11. Suck It And See
12. That's Where You're Wrong

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair by arcticmonkeys

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arcade Fire - Live at UCCU (Orem, UT)

Arcade Fire playing in Orem, UT of all places, who would have thought it eh? They played last night 4/11/2011 at the UCCU center in Orem and really put on a great show. The 8 piece band know how to play live and have a stage presence that is almost mesmerizing. When watching them live it is almost hard just to focus on one aspect of the band, and you wander around checking out each section of the band individually.

Front man Win Butler brings his unique voice and does his best at not standing out above the rest of the band. There is not much talk in between songs and it is a pretty down to business set list for the band. At one point in 'Suburban War', Win actually stopped singing and confessed that he had forgotten the lyrics to the song. Although he initially joked about the whole deal it was a little frustrating with such a great song being forgotten. He also paused at the end of another song and joked about his basketball skills and even gave a big Utah mention to Jimmer's ability to shoot from 10 feet behind the 3-point line. But when it came down to the music Butler delivered and left you wanting more then just the 18 songs that were performed.

Fellow vocalist and his wife Régine Chassagne adds a little flair to the band with her haunting vocals mixed with her passionate dancing around the stage. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) ended the concert and showcased all of her talents, and it really showed her passion for the music.

The best part about Arcade Fire for me is how they incorporate every kind of instrument you can think of. From violins, accordions, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violas, big drums, little drums, tambourines, piano, keyboard, you name the instrument and Arcade Fire will make sure to include it in their music. You mix all those instruments and sounds with some incredible vocals and lyrics, and you have a live show that you surely don't want to miss.

With their 3 albums; Funeral, Neon Bible, and The Suburbs there are so many quality songs and you wish you could hear all of them. They did play a good set of 18 songs but there were a few that were not included that I really would have loved to hear. Two of my personal favourites Half Light II (No Celebration), and Antichrist Television Blues. I did think 'Wake Up' was incredible live and it really is the best Arcade Fire song hands down.

Overall I thought the concert was fantastic and one that I will remember for a long time. The UCCU is not the best place in the world to watch a concert, it is more for a sporting event type of deal, so at the beginning of the concert I think they were fighting to deal with that. The sound relly improved as the concert progressed as well. For me to see the pride of Canada "Arcade Fire" play live it was the best. It was an incredible music atmosphere, and to see Arcade Fire perform live truly is a "Treat". The best part about the whole "Treat" was having my best friend right there with me ;)

Setlist Orem, UT 4/11/2011
1.Month of May
2.Rebellion (Lies)
3.Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
4.City With No Children
7.The Suburbs
8.The Suburbs (Continued)
9.Suburban War (forgot lyrics)
10.No Cars Go
12.Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
13.Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
14.We Used to Wait
15.Wake Up

16.Ready to Start
17.Keep the Car Running
18.Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Here is 'No Cars Go' Video I took from the concert. Not the best quality I apoligize for that, but still pretty cool.

Handsome Furs - What About Us

Handsome Furs are back with a new album titled Sound Kapital. The husband/wife duo of Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry will release their new album on June 28, via Sub Pop. Here is a free song from the album 'What About Us'.

Sound Kapital Track Listing:
01 When I Get Back
02 Damage
03 Bury Me Standing
04 Memories of the Future
05 Serve the People
06 What About Us
07 Repatriated
08 Cheap Music
09 No Feelings

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Jezabels - Disco Biscuit Love

Pretty awesome track here from The Jezabels. I love the video and the song as a whole makes me very happy.

Here is The Jezabels film clip made as part of Metro Screen's music video workshop shot in Feb '09

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Crookes - Godless Girl (Official Video)

If you want this album and you live in the States you are going to have to shell out a few extra bucks and purchase it as an import. My suggestion would be to do it. Pretty cool sound from these guys and it is a nice refreshing Brit Pop sound, displaying some fresh faced talent. I am not sure the official release of this album on US soil but I ended up getting my hands on a copy and am very pleased. Godless Girl is the first single off of the album and is pretty nice start out tune.

Chasing After Ghosts Track Listing
1.“Godless Girl”
2.“Chorus of Fools”
3.“Just Like Dreamers”
4.“Bright Young Things”
5.“The Crookes Laundry Murder, 1922″
7.“I Remember Moonlight”
8.“Bloodshot Days”
9.“Carnabetian Charms”
10.“By the Seine”
11.“City of Lights”

Official Video for Godless Girl by The Crookes taken from their debut album Chasing After Ghosts. Out 21st March 2011.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Cribs - Housewife

This was released back in August 2010, but I think it may have fallen a little under the radar. Decent track and all the rumours of them having a new album in 2011 appear true. NME say that they will start work on their fifth album after their festival dates this summer. The band’s last album, the Top Ten ‘Ignore the Ignorant’, was released in September 2009 and was the first to feature new member Johnny Marr. Something to look forward to at the end of the year.

Friday, April 8, 2011

James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

I was a big fan of JVM debut album Early In The Morning and think it is truly one of the hidden gems of 2011. James' voice and lyrics really set him apart from other artists and make for a great album. Here is 'We Don't Eat' which is remixed by Adventure Club. I am not usually a huge Remix kind of guy but this one definitely caught my ear.

Here is the Adventure Club Remix
James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Adventure Club Dubstep

Here is James Vincent McMorrow's Album version
We Don't Eat by VagrantRecords