Tuesday, April 19, 2011

City Reign - Daybreak

City Reign are a Manchester based band that are filled with potential. Listening to the new single 'Daybreak' you can hear a talent that is just begging to get its big break. Definitely has a good vibe and one that is also very direct and catchy at the same time. 'Daybreak' is the bands 3rd single and is set to be released May 9th on their independent label Car Boot Records.

The song writing pair Chris Bull (Vocals/Guitar) and Michael Grice (Guitar) met four years ago at a Ryan Adams concert, having both recently moved north from London. Having spent years writing and playing in bands going nowhere, the two met Michael Glaze (Bass) and Sam Jones (Drums) to complete the new line up. The band took the name from the Adams song, ‘City Rain, City Streets’.

Lead singer and lyricist Chris Bull says this about Daybreak... “it’s probably the song we’ve been most proud of. We always enjoy playing it live, as it has that typically youthful conflict between despair and restless hopefulness. The harmonies in the outro really capture that feeling that there’s always something else to reach for, even when you don’t know exactly what it is.”

Check out the song below and grab the free download, it is well worth the time to download.

Daybreak by cityreign

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