Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dag För Dag - Boo

Dag För Dag are an American/Swedish brother and sister duo, and are coming out with their debut album 'Boo' which is out now via Ceremony Recordings. They have toured in the past with such acts as The Kills Handsome Furs, and Wolf Parade and are now ready to step it up to another level. Here is the link to check out the album on itunes You can check out the song 'Animal' and download it for free
Animal by millionpr

Here is what the band says on their website Dated April 26th, 2011... 26 April: Like a band of gypsy soldiers, we arrive panting and sweating and exhilarated at the day of release, the day our debut album BOO has become available in the wide vast territory of the USA. Having shed our first tears, laughed our first laughs, learned our first words, sang our first songs, stepped our first steps, eaten our first marshmallow fluff, loved our first loves, dreamed our first dreams in American temperatures, we feel absolutely blessed to be given the opportunity to give back a bit of music to our place of beginnings. Like it or not, this is our first stab in the dark, our first powered-up and belted-forth musical moment on record. And as I learned in middle school under a Midwestern sky, the butterflies of my first kiss thrashing around in my stomach alongside a school lunch of mock chicken leg, powdered mashed potatoes and a mini carton of 2% milk, "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." (William Shakespeare)
Thank you for giving us your ears, however briefly or endlessly you may stay.

This is definitely an album I want to look at closer and take a listen to the whole thing, but with hearing Animal and Boxed Up In Pine already  I have already made up my mind that I think it will be well worth my time.
Boo Track Listing:
1 - Boxed Up In Pine
2 - Boo
3 - I Am The Assassin
4 - Hands And Knees
5 - Wouldn't You
6 - Silence As The Verb
7 - Seven Stories
8 - Light On Your Feet
9 - Traffic Jam
10- The Leather Of Your Boots
11- Animal
12- Came In Like A Knife
13- Ring Me, Elise
14- Cry, Cry

Here is the first song off the album 'Boxed Up In Pine'
Dag för Dag - Boxed Up In Pine by Ceremony


  1. Whoa -- cool to see these guys mentioned! Saw them open for Handsome Furs in Germany waaay back in the day (even before their first EP was out). Glad that they're still making music.

  2. Honestly this was the first time I checked the band out - sounds sounded pretty good I might have to go back into their music catelog and listen to some addition stuff