Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Donkeys - Born With Stripes REVIEW

The new album 'Born With Stripes' is actually the third release from the 4-piece band from San Diego, CA. The album was just released this week via Dead Oceans and has shown the bands growth since their self-titled debut as well as their second LP 'Living On The Other Side'. They have a candid resemblance to something you would see and hear living in the 1970's. Heavy influenced by bands such as Pavement, Byrds, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and the Eagles. I also noticed some Greatful Dead noise in the mix with even a little Jeff Tweety vocally in there as well.

Born With Stripes is a 12 song album and one that is worth listening to from start to finish offering very few filler type of songs. The first two songs 'Don't Know Who We Are' and 'I Like The Way You Walk' start the album out with a chill and upbeat - sit back and relax type of sound. They both catch your attention from the start and really make you wonder how this is being released in the year 2011. 'Bloodhound' is nothing new or fancy it is a song that shows off a band jamming to that classic rock feel and sound. 'Born With Stripes' is the 4th song on the album and it was somewhat of a foot stomper to me, really enjoyed the beat in this song.

"We're laid-back dudes," said keyboardist Anthony Lukens in a phone interview from Jeff Ignatius over at RCReader... "We try to make it sound like nothings contrived or rushed. So I would probably take that as a compliment if something sounded, maybe, effortless would be a nicer way to say it. ... We're hardly lazy. ... We're definitely relaxed dudes. It takes us long time to get from Point A to Point B, because we're going to hang out and talk about it for a long time."

'Kaleidoscope' and 'New Blue Stockings' both have that dreamy/spacey/chill vibe throughout the tunes that really goes along with the 70's references. The most modern sound out of the 12 songs I heard was from 'Oxblood' It had that modern sound and is really a fun song. 'Bullfrog Blues' is a decent song and is very low key and it sets up the following song 'Valerie' very nicely which is probably the slowest jam on the album.

Overall I was very pleased with what I heard from Born With Stripes and I would recommend this album to anyone. It is very Americana sounding, and is more of 70's classic rock for the year 2011. It really is a nice change of pace from all the current indie offerings in the world of music. The message I received from Born with Stripes was simple -- Screw being a modern day Hipster - it's time to bring back being a Hippie.

Born With Stripes Track Listing:
1. Don't Know Who We Are
2. I Like The Way You Walk
3. Bloodhound
4. Born With Stripes
5. Kaleidoscope
6. West Coast Raga
7. New Blue Stockings
8. Ceiling Tan
9. Oxblood
10. Bullfrog Blues
11. Valerie
12. East Coast Raga

Here are the first two songs from Born With Stripes 'Don't Know Who We Are' and 'I Like The Way You Walk'
"Don't Know Who We Are" by The Donkeys by deadoceans

"I Like The Way You Walk" by The Donkeys by deadoceans

You can visit The Donkeys official Website and pick up these songs as free downloads along with a few others from the bands previous 2 albums.

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