Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Jezabels - Dark Storm EP REVIEW

The Jezabels are a quartet from Sydney, Australia. They first caught my attention with the song 'Disco Biscuit Love' which was honestly stuck in my head for weeks. That song was from the EP The Man is Dead, and since then the band has released an additional EP titled 'Dark Storm'. They now have 3 differently EP's released without even a proper album. Well from their official website they state that "We're currently recording for our debut full length due out later 2011".

Also from their Bio on their website... The Jezabels’ new EP, Dark Storm. The third and final release in a trilogy of EPs that began with 2009’s The Man Is Dead, its five songs represent the band’s most confident outing to date – moody, mysterious and epic, yet buzzing with the quartet’s ever-present knack for an irresistible pop hook. Not that writing it was an easy process.

“We had a bit of writer’s block,” offers Mary. “We were all stressing and being passive-aggressive, and then someone said, ‘I’m really worried that this isn’t going to be like Hurt Me!’ It was as obvious as that. And we were all like, ‘Yeah, me too!’ As soon as it was said, it was a lot better. We decided to write whether we had a single or not. We realised we can’t function in that way.”

Until we hear their debut album later this year we will have to settle for the 3 EP's. The latest EP 'Dark Storm was released back in October, 2010 and is truly an EP in every sense. When I think of EP's I think of a collection of a few songs, songs that are good but no real single out of the bunch. Dark Storm is just that, it is a collection of 5 really steady songs, with not one song being better then the other.

The first song 'Dark Storm' is a steady opener, giving us a great guitar intro and then leading us to some vocals that take over. 'Mace Spray' is next and it really goes hand and hand with the opener, very consistent with some strong vocals. 'Sahara Mahala' offers a great drum intro, and is a very well balanced and softer type of song. 'A Little Piece' had me reminded of another artists that I couldn't quite figure out and still can't. It has quite a bit of up and down - high and low notes that mix up the song. The last song 'She's So Hard' has a piano intro mixed with haunting vocals that steals the show.

Overall I felt that this was a pretty decent EP offering incredible vocals from vocalist Hayley Mary, and backed with a band that plays well together. The Jezabels are a band that have potential to rock the indie world with some sweet little songs. Look for their debut album later this year and in the meantime be sure to check out the 3 EP's.

Dark Storm Track Listing:
01. Dark Storm
02. Mace Spray
03. Sahara Mahala
04. A Little Piece
05. She's So Hard

Mace Spray by thejezabelsband

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  1. The fact that hipsters states-side aren't all over this band just goes to show that a hipster is just a lemming in flannel.What a voice she has!