Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave REVIEW

I have always been a big fan of The Raveonettes and their unique raw sound. That raw type of sound they have is really the friendliest kind of a raw sound that you will ever come across. The Danish Duo really have a good chemistry that shows throughout their career in their music.

Raven In The Grave starts off with 'Recharge and Revolt' which is the longest song on the album. It really is an awesome song and introduces Raven In The Grave as a mix of friendly, relaxing, and soothing sounds. Next is 'War In Heaven' and it takes a turn to more of an edgy/dark/mysterious/sad type of song. Next is the first single 'Forget That You're Young' which really is a nice paced little song that is very chill.

'Apparitions' is back to that darker feel, and kept my attention at first listen. The next two songs 'Summer Moon' and 'Let Me Out' both have that classic Raveonettes sound to them. How to explain "That Classic Raveonettes Sound" you would have to take a listen to them and you would understand what I mean. Summer Moon was a definite highlight on the album for me, it really captured my attention.

The album continues with 'Ignite' which is a fast paced song full of great guitar riffs. 'Evil Seeds' is more of a reflection type of song and the highlight for me was at around the 3:25 minute mark which the guitar sound takes it away. This 9 song album closes with a sweet little number titled 'My Times Up' which is very fitting.

Over all Raven In The Grave shows off what The Raveonettes continue to do so well which is to create an incredible raw and edgy rock sound that is unique in its own right. This is an album I can see being in my top albums of 2011 and one that I will continue to listen too and not just throw it back on the shelf.

Raven In The Grave Track Listing:
01. Recharge and Revolt
02. War In Heaven
03. Forget That You're Young
04. Apparitions
05. Summer Moon
06. Let Me On Out
07. Ignite
08. Evil Seeds
09. My Times Up

Here is Forget That You're Young to listen and download
The Raveonettes - Forget That You're Young by AndamosArmados

Here is one of the highlights off of the album for me 'Recharge and Revolt' pretty awesome video as well.

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