Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow Ostrich - WHALE

Pretty cool track here from Yellow Ostrich's album The Mistress titled "Whale". I know this band has been floating around the music blogging community for sometime now, but I finally took my first listen to it and really liked what I heard. Whale is the second song from the album and is a nice little indie jingle.

The Mistress Tracklist
1. I Think U Are Great
2. Whale
3. Hate Me Soon
4. Hold On
5. Libraries
6. Hahahaohhoho
7. I'll Run
8. Campaign
9. Mary
10. Slow Paddle

Yellow Ostrich - WHALE by snipelondon

You can also head over to their bandcamp page and pick up the download over there.



    A sad day.

  2. yep. Sad day is true but who knows maybe Ed is really Mews? haha

    We did get Codex from TKOL which was incredible and one of my fav Radiohead songs of alltime. The nice thing is we can all move on and enjoy all the amazing music out there, so much good stuff floating around nowadays.