Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Antlers- Burst Apart REVIEW

Burst Apart is the fourth album from dreampop Brooklyn trio, The Antlers- but it is most notable for being the follow-up to 2009’s sweeping concept epic, Hospice. Burst Apart is not Hospice- nor does it try to be. And that’s probably a good thing considering how difficult it is, living in the irony and exposure-drenched new millennium, to produce an authentically emotional powerhouse- let alone two consecutively.

“You wanna climb up the stairs/I wanna push you back down…”

This is not to say that Burst Apart refrains from going for the jugular. All of the Antlers trademarks are evident here- the wandering darkness, Peter Silberman’s sneaky falsetto, the driving guitars, the peripheral electronic distortion- only the band is much more quick to telegraph it’s punches this time. Burst Apart is in no way reluctant. It has beautiful music and is not shy about letting the listener know.

“So close up your knees/And I’ll close your parentheses…”

But will this more direct approach satisfy fans that have been weaned on Hospice for the past two years? Well, I should hope so. While it is a little top-heavy (tracks such as “Tip Toe” and “Corsicana” mosey a little too comfortably towards the finish line), Burst Apart is a fantastic album. In fact, many listeners may prefer it’s grimy sex appeal to the sprawling melancholy of its predecessor. And that itself may tell someone everything they need to know about the Antlers- when given the option, they checked their pretensions at the door.

Standout Tracks Include:

I Don't Want Love

French Exit


No Widows

Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

Putting the Dog to Sleep

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