Friday, May 20, 2011

The Felice Brothers - Her Eyes Dart Round (LIVE)

I will admit my faults once again, I am a new fan of The Felice Brothers and have just recently jumped on their bandwagon as well. Folk, Americana, Blues, Country whatever you call it is starting to make a statement in the music community of late. The Felice Brothers are bringing their friendly fresh sound for all to hear.

The Felice Brothers hail from New York and are a 5-piece band consisting of 2 brothers and 3 additional longtime friends. The amazing thing about these guys is that they are all self taught, never playing an instrument before they came together in 2006. The Felice Brothers have released four full-length albums; Celebration, Florida (2011), Yonder Is The Clock (2009), The Felice Brothers (2008), and Tonight At The Arizona (2007). The newest album being just released this past week. They are now signed to the Fat Possum Record Label and are really starting to make a name for themselves.

Here is Filter's take on them...

“…what separates The Felices’ mud-stomping folk from that of their peers is their no-winking honesty – the sense that these songs and the places and people they’re singing about aren’t literary devices but actual people doing their damnedest to rage against the growing darkness.” – Filter Good Music Guide, 2009

This video is from the Cornbury Festival in 2007. It is amazing at the amount of people there, it is like they are performing at a family picnic or something. Thought this Live Video really does the band justice and makes you want to check these guys music out a little more. Very sincere and honest music. If you are not a fan of these guys yet it is time to join the club.

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  1. haha I just love the start "I would like to Thank David Gray for opening up for us... he did a lovely job"