Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Fling - When The Madhouses Appear

Here is a band and an album that I stuck on my ipod in hopes of checking out - well turns out it is a band and album that I have been back to at least 10 times since the first listen. The Fling are a band out of Long Beach, California. The foursome draw inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, rock, pop and psychedelic music. You get the feel of something straight out of the 1960's in visual and in sound. It is a sound that is very refreshing and I believe 'When The Madhouses Appear' is an album that has already fell under the radar by mistake. This is an album that is a must hear and something that will bring you back for more then just one listen.

When The Madhouses Appear TrackListing:
01. Friend Of Mine 3:28
02. Wanderingfoot 3:06
03. Strangers 3:43
04. Nothing Makes Sense 2:57
05. Elinor 3:52
06. No Sleep 2:37
07. Out Of My Head 2:31
08. Dry The Rain 3:39
09. Day I Find 3:09
10. Cold Comfort 6:00
11. Spooks 1:01
12. Devil's Man 2:48

Here is my favourite song from the album titled 'Strangers'
Strangers by The Fling

Here is another fantastic track titled 'Devil's Man'
Devil's Man by The Fling

Thought this video was pretty cool check it out... (this is the write up on how the video/session came about)

To end the year for Anchortapes, I really wanted to record a session with The Fling. And what better way to do it than inviting a bunch of friends in the neighborhood over to participate in the session and, ultimately, get a little drunk. So, the day before we recorded, I hit up Dustin and Graham Lovelis to see if they'd be down to do it, and sure enough, 24 hours later, I had a house party on my hands with a lot of mics set up in my living room.

As you'll see in these versions of *Strangers* and *Elinor*, though, everyone had a great time, and The Fling sounded as great as they always do. Even if we all were a little drunk. Thanks to the homies Sayer Danforth and Chad Huff for helping film. And to my girl Rhonda Anjelly for shooting the fujifilm for the session.

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