Sunday, May 1, 2011

French Films - Golden Sea EP

Something we learn doing this blog, is that there is truly great music coming from every corner of the globe these days if you look hard enough or know the right rock to turnover. Whether we get some buzz from simple demos before anything is ever 'released' and get the jump on things, or we stumble upon something that has been around for awhile, but in a strange package. So with that being said, a band called "French Films" who actually comes from Finland shouldn't be much of a surprise anymore to me.

I'm not sure what I was expecting an indie band from Finland playing English music to sound like exactly, but I can tell you this was not what I had in mind. Thankfully, there is more music then just Darude coming out of Finland, and thats a relief. Formed in 2010, the five members are Johannes, Mikael, Antti, Joni and Santtu. The band has been floating around indie circles since late last year, but with only a 4 track EP (Golden Sea), it really only offers a small snapshot of the band. The band claim a debut album is not far off:
"The album is coming along quite easy. It will sound more diverse than the EP. We’re happy with it so far."

Without a doubt, comparable to bands like "The Drums", "The Young Friends" and maybe a little "Beach Fossils" , they aren't breaking any new ground, but they are generating buzz. When asked about hype and being compared to other bands on, singer Johannes had this to say:

"Hah.. I think it’s just funny that the first song I wrote for French Films (Golden Sea) has got probably the most attention. It’s like “shit, we gotta top that…” We understand the comparisons. It doesn’t bother us, but I think the album is going to change, or widen them at least."

What they do bring however, is a nice warm indie pop rock that I'm personally partial to. Some tracks like "Take You With Me" have that great driving 'Joy Division' guitar or even some 'New Order' Gillian Gilbert keyboards slipped in the background . On the title track "Golden Sea", it makes me think an upbeat Finnish 'The Bravery' are giving a go at covering an unreleased song by 'The Drums'. However that is by no means a bad thing. In fact it makes me really want to hear what this group can do with a full album.

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French Films - Golden Sea EP
1. Golden Sea
2. Take You With Me
3. Lift Me Up

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