Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Head And The Heart - Down In The Valley

Here is one of the gems so far this year. The Head And The Heart are a band out of Seattle and are signed to the Sup Pop Label. They are a band with a heavy Folk Rock vibe to them and it shows in this 'Down In The Valley' song. You can hear a little bit of Mumford & Sons in their songs which is not a bad thing. But also they really just have their own sound and their entire debut self-titled album will keep your attention from start to finish.

Here is a snippet from their Sup Pop Bio...

So many decisions in life and in the music we love can come down to a critical tug between the logic in our heads and the hot red blood beating through our hearts. Seattle’s The Head and the Heart live authentically in that crux, finding joy and beauty wedged there. Their music pulses effervescently—both explosively danceable and intuitively intelligent. With Americana roots and strong vocal harmonics that swell like a river, this band finds its anchor in solid songwriting that has even the jaded humming along by the second listen.

Leaving a variety of day jobs and academic pursuits, The Head and the Heart came together in the summer of 2009, during frequent visits to the open mic night at Conor Byrne in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. California-transplant Josiah Johnson and Virginia-native Jonathan Russell formed the core songwriting partnership, quickly adding keyboardist Kenny Hensley to the mix. Kenny, then 21, had packed up his piano and moved up to Seattle from California to pursue musical score-writing. The luminous Charity Rose Thielen, violin and vocals, had just returned from a year of studying and playing music in Paris. Drummer Tyler Williams cold left a successful band in Virginia after Jon sent him the demo of “Down in the Valley,” relocating across states to be a part of this. Finally, Chris Zasche, was bartending at Conor Byrne and mentioned one day that he’d be happy to play bass for the nascent band. It all felt right: The Head and the Heart was born.

The Head And The Heart Track Listing:
1. Cats and Dogs (1:55)
2. Coeur D'Alene (4:21)
3. Ghosts (4:17)
4. Down in the Valley (5:03)
5. Honey Come Home (3:22)
6. Lost in My Mind (4:17)
7. Winter Song (2:42)
8. Sounds Like Hallelujah (3:05)
9. Heaven Go Easy on Me (5:40)

Down in the Valley by theheadandtheheart


  1. The Head and the Heart are one of my new favorite bands, I absolutely love this album and couldn't stop listening to it when I first got it. I really love the Americana/folk influences I've been hearing in so many bands lately, too. Seems to be quite the trend.

  2. It is a really good album and is somewhat nice being a little under the Radar. I think this is song is a contender for top song honors for 2011