Monday, May 23, 2011

Man Man - In The Venue SLC, UT (LIVE 5/20/2011)

Man Man came to SLC, Utah's 'In The Venue' on Friday, May 20th. Even before they band hit the stage the atmosphere was set with their stage set-up. What I saw was Honus Honus unpacking his magic Man Man suitcase that was filled with car keys, a kids bike horn, some other gizmo's and the oddest of all a Ferbie kids toy (from way back in the day maybe 15 yrs ago). I also saw a mini 13" TV with a video of just a guy blinking the whole time and a mini kids toy little piano under it, but the best part of the whole set up was half a little kids bike that was placed right in the middle of the stage. I seriously kept thinking to myself what is half of my daughters bike doing as part of their stage setup?

Man Man's main asset while performing live is their Energy. They have so much of it and are always hopping around the stage at full tilt without interruption. You can sense their joy in putting on a great live show, they almost demand it. For most of the set the crowd was right into every moment of the bands show with jumping, dancing, singing, screaming you name it. There was a song dedicated to "soaking" and another one that was

dedicated to the last night on earth as Honus Honus said "Thanks for letting us spend the last night on earth with you". Whatever the May 21st hoax was suppose to be Man Man didn't care they put on a high energy, fun and amazing show. One of my friends told me before hand that "I was in for
a REAL TREAT" seeing these guys perform live - turns out he was right on the money Man Man are a live act that if they come to your city it is a must see show.

The highlight for me was hearing them perform 'Van Helsing Boombox' as part of their encore. That song it an amazing sounding little tune, and having a chance to hear it played live is pretty great. They played quite a few (mostly all) the tunes from the new album 'Life Fantastic' which all

sound great live as well. The highlights of that bunch was 'Shameless' and 'Knuckle Down' and I also enjoyed the title track 'Life Fantastic. Seeing Man Man live is the way to go, you get the full version of how these songs were meant to be heard.

Here is 'Life Fantastic' played at SLC, UT 5/20/2011

Here is my favourite Man Man song 'Van Helsing Boombox' performed live at In The Venue SLC, UT 5/20/2011

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