Friday, May 13, 2011

Man Man - Life Fantastic

So who are these guys called Man Man? Well here is there intro to the world over at the website

“MAN MAN” is an experimental band which has its origin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Their musical genre is characterized through its experimental rock, their musical style, however, described as Viking-vaudeville, maniac Gypsy Jazz. Furthermore the band is known for their exuberant live performances since it was founded in 2003. When performing, every member of the band dresses in a white outfit as well as wears specific war paint.

They are definitely unique in alot of ways and you would be hard pressed to find anything else like them out there right now. They recently just released a new album titled 'Life Fantastic' this past week on the Anti Records Label (Which is very fitting).

Life Fantastic Track Listing:
01. Knuckle Down 3:07
02. Piranhas Club 3:52
03. Steak Knives 3:26
04. Dark Arts 3:49
05. Haute Tropique 3:51
06. Shameless 6:45
07. Spooky Jookie 4:20
08. Eel Bros 0:50
09. Bangkok Necktie 2:51
10. Life Fantastic 4:43
11. Oh, La Brea 4:48

Here is the first song off the new album 'Knuckle Down'
Man Man - Knuckle Down by antirecords

Here is a pretty bizarre video for the song 'Rabbit Habbits' off their 2008 album. The video stars Fred Armisen, Charlyne Yi, and Martin Starr and is a real time super indie video.

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