Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mantles - Raspberry Thighs

My first listen of The Mantles 'Raspberry Thighs' is thanks to another local Utah blogger Part-Time Music who is always posting about some cutting edge new music. The Mantles are a 4 piece from San Francisco, CA and it really shows in their California Sounding music. Their sound is more of a garage pop meets modern day lo-fi which really makes it unique to everything else that is out their. Their self-titled debut album was released back in 2009 via Siltbreeze Records. They then went on to put out an EP titled 'Pink Information' May 2010, on the Mexican Summer Label. They also had other 7" releases along the way and you can view their whole Discography here.  Their newest release is Raspberry Thighs, a 7" Single, which was just released this year on the SDZ Records Label.

'Raspberry Thighs' is a really refreshing raw type of song that makes you want to come back for more of what The Mantles have to offer. 

The Mantles - Raspberry Thighs by sdzrecords

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